REVIEW: Matt Bennett’s “Terminal Cases”

Matt Bennett photo MattBennett_cover_zpskoywrwho.jpg Upon first hearing this album earlier in the year, I wasn’t quite sure what I was listening to because Matt Bennett seemed comfortable in going anywhere and everywhere. Yet I’m someone who comes off as unpredictable within making statements that establishes slight predictability, so I wanted to be sure what exactly it meant to be within those Terminal Cases (Fanatic). He begins in a way where things may sound gentle like a folk song, trying to create a storyline and seeing where it takes him. Then the guitars turn off and I wondered if I should be thinking Weezer or am I claiming Weezer because I see Bennett on the cover with glasses and am I prejudging what I’m hearing based on what I see first? Yet with songs like “Birdrage”, “What Dreams May Come” and the opening track “Fisher King”, Bennett comes off like someone from Schoolhouse Rock willing to break out of his comfort zone and show off who he is and not what people think he is or should be. Imagine Marshall Crenshaw or John Mellencamp bringing in a small hint of punk within his pop and not being afraid to go psycho in his execution. It’s a style of pop and rock that isn’t meant to be predicitable and expected but once you get comfortable within his zone, you’ll want to find out more of his stories.

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