REVIEW: Francesco Chiapperini’s InSight’s “Paradigm Shift”

Francesco Chiapperini's InSight photo Francesco_cover_zpsnndcfvja.jpg Hearing something new from ther Germany-based label Aut is always unpredictable and I like that, because I enjoy having trust in a label but unsure of what they’re going to throw out into the world, and this is no exception. Paradigm Shift is a new project involving Francesco Chiapperini along with Simone Lobina and Simone Quatrana. What surprised me at first was the sound of guitars, as the label doesn’t offer shine the spotlight on guitarists or the sound of the guitar so I thought “whoa, what is this?” The music on this 7-track album felt more like a progressive rock album of a Pink Floyd variety but then things get more jazzy in pieces like “Atlas” and “Onlu Theme” and it’s more jazzy than what I’ve come to expect from Pink Floyd, even in their jazzier moments.

Yet ask someone who is more into progressive rock or even progressive jazz and they’re probably tell you “know, this sounds more like Krautrock” or “have you heard of Osanna? This sounds more like them but without ballads.” Regardless of what ones perspective is of this music, Paradigm Shift is something that does offer a new perspective each time you listen to it, and I like the fact I’m willing to listen to this differently and come out wanting to hear more.

VIDEO: Thee Commons’ “Kiss Adios”

With the year about to wrap up, will it be time to “Kiss Adios” to what was 2016? Yes but that may or may not be what Thee Commons are singing about in their new track. The song is from their album Loteria Tribal (Burger) and whatever the song may be about, they’re having a great time with it as you can see in this video made for the song. The album was released earlier in the spring and with winter coming up a bit early, it may be the perfect time to check out the full album, which you can do by clicking the cover below, which’ll take you to

SOME STUFFS: The Coathangers plan out shows for early 2017

The Coathangers photo Coathangers2016_old_zpsylrsre6h.jpg
2016 is slowly coming to a (perhaps fortunate) close bu The Coathangers are not allowing this old year to slow them down, for they already have a tour itinerary ready for the first quarter of 2017.

February 1… St. Augustine, FL (Planet Sarbez)
February 2… Gainesville, FL (High Dive)
February 3… Tampa, FL (New World Brewery)
February 4… Orlando, FL (Will’s Pub)
February 6… Tallahassee, FL (Club Downunder)
February 7… New Orleans, LA (Siberia
February 8… Houston, TX (Raven Tower)
February 9… Dallas, TX (Club Dada)
February 10… Austin, TX (Barracuda)
February 11… San Antonio, TX (The Korova)
February 14… Tucson, AZ (Club Congress)
February 15… Phoenix, AZ (Rebel Lounge)
February 16… Santa Ana, CA (Constellation Room)
February 17… Los Angeles, CA (Resident)
February 18… San Diego, CA (Casbah)
March 9… Visalia, CA (The Cellar Door)
March 10… San Francisco, CA (Brick & Mortar)
March 11… Oakland, CA (Starline Social Club)
March 12… Santa Rosa, CA (Arlene Francis Center)
March 13… Reno, NV (The Holland Project)
March 16… Eugene, OR (The Boreal)
March 17… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
March 18… Vancouver, BC (Fortune Sound Club)
March 19… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
March 21… Spokane, WA (The Observatory)
March 23… Boise, ID (Treefort Music Fest)
March 24… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
March 25… Las Vegas, NV (The Bunkhouse Saloon)

The band continue on their tour in support of Nosebleed Weekend, which you may order below via

AUDIO: Sonya Kitchell’s “Funeral”

What represents a funeral? Who died? Is it a person or a mentality, a vibe? Sonya Kitchell explains as best as she can in her new song that may be about the end of something, perhaps more obvious than you might think but maybe we really don’t know. Or maybe we know exactly what is dying but we are in denial. It is indeed a protest song so forget about being between the lines, this is blunt and direct.

FREE MP3 DL: Amy Lynn & The Honey Men’s “O Holy Night”

Amy Lynn is honoring the holiday season with The Honey Men joining her for a rendition of “O Holy Night”. The track can be downloaded for free but after streaming it and it catches your holiday spirit, please use the “Name Your Prince” option as a means to show some support. Thank you.