REVIEW: Cotton Mather’s “Death Of The Cool”

 photo CottonMather_cover_zps3jggqk5w.jpg Crafty pop seems to be something either people are hungry for are artists are hoping to push to a public that deserve to hear it again, and Death Of The Cool (Star Apple Kingdom) is a new album by Cotton Mather, a band who are into making the kind of music that sounds as warm as a nice couch and as comfortable as a bed after a long, drawn-out day. It would be too easy to compare this to Paul McCartney’s sharp paths but I’ll go out of my way to say songs like “Queen Of Swords” and “The Life Of The Liar” are similar to the works of The Kinks or Peter & Gordon. Maybe the title is letting us know what is died or is slowly dying and we need to hang on to what is left of the life before it becomes a relish of the past. Well done pop remains a now thing.


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