REVIEW: Power Cowards’ “Despair In Parallel”

 photo PowerCowards_cover_zpsrjthlokx.jpg It is something I’ve said for years but I’ve been a fan of the extended play recording for a long time. If you’re someone who is unsure whether or not people will handle an album for you, cut things in half and only release half the amount of music that is normally set for an album. That’s what Power Cowards did by releasing the 5-track Despair In Parallel (9lb Recordings) and they sound like a college band that got locked into a vibe and chose to do it as long as possible because it feels good to them. Their songs are well done, written in a way that is easy to digest and as I hear these songs a number of times, I look forward to the next EP from them or even better, a full length project.

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