REVIEW: Red Sleeping Beauty’s “Kristina”

 photo RedSleepingBeauty_cover_zpslo7mwkcu.jpg The vibe of Red Sleeping Beauty’s Kristina (Shelflife) is quite charming, as their brand of light pop is enough to make you want to hear it. However, the question is do I want to hear this music more than twice, if not just once? Songs like “Tell me More”, “Mi Amor”, and “Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up” is light enough to bop your head to it but I don’t know if I’d be into this over and over or if my expectations were a bit too high. I think in a different setting, Red Sleeping Beauty’s music would be good enough but things like “charming” and “good enough” aren’t exactly motivating enough to move people to want to buy or download this. It reminds me of something one would hear a lot of in a teen drama from the 80’s on basic cable but it would be nice to throw in a decent guitar solo or a choir just so I have enough to remember what these songs were.

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