REVIEW: The Green Pajamas’ “To The End Of The Sea”

Over the years, The Green Pajamas have always created an aura about themselves that helps to create a moment where after hearing it in full, you’ll say “wow, this is impressive.” To The End Of The Sea (Green Monkey) is an album that is arguably more than just impressive, for while it is a fine rock album, it is something that is close to a modern day pop masterpiece. Hard to even say right, a modern day pop masterpiece in 2017? But it’s true, this is the kind of music you’d expect to hear alongside Todd Rundgren, late 60’s/early 70’s Beach Boys and perhaps Elvis Costello but this 18-track song is not too long or overly ambitious. Everything fits where it needs to be and while I am not sure if this is meant to be a concept album or just something with a common theme, this is something that deserves a long drive out of town and once it reaches its conclusion, you don’t know if you ever want to return to where you came from. These guys have written, performed, and recorded something that is superb and while I’m shy to say this is perfect to my ears, it its the lip of the stage and balances without ever falling off.


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