REVIEW: Tom Teasley’s “Eastern Journey”

 photo TomTeasley_cover_zpsa6a1oofk.jpg Tom Teasley’s Eastern Journey (self-released) is an album that is a compilation of jazz and worldly sounds but don’t expect to hear things lean on the jazz side. Teasley is, according to the back cover, the world percussionist of the year and he explores some of his influences on the album by playing eferything from gongs and cymbals to things like djembe, wood blocks, and Chinese hand symbols. While he could play within a jazz context, he could also make a wide range of music for films and television shows, where he is able to explore, either within the limits of the needs of the project or go all out if allowed. One could easily call this something that is used in the television industry: a “resume tape”. Bring him into your world and he will be able to bring the worldly sounds to you.

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