SOME STUFFS: Drug Honkey ready to release “Cloak Of Skies”

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered and now Drug Honkey are prepared to unleash Cloak Of Skies. They’re ready to hype up the machine and they’re beginning with this teaser. The 6-track album, which will also feature a remix of one of the songs by Justin K. Broadrick, will be released on May 5th through the Transcending Obscurity label and will be available as an LP, CD, digital and a nice box set edition.

VIDEO: Open Mike Eagle & Paul White’s “Dang Is Invincible”

Animation is strong in “Dang Is Invincible” and what does it meant to say dang to a music video? Do they mean dang in itself is invincible or “dang (comma) is invincible?” and wouldn’t that statement leave people hanging? Anyway, here it is. Hella Personal Film Festival is the album this is taken from.

VIDEO: Champagne Duane’s “Gun Control”

Who is Champagne Duane or perhaps another good question is “what is Champagne Duane?” Get to know Duane right here with his new clip for the song “Gun Control”. This one is directed by Kill Freeman with assistance from Gabriel Shepard, so have a look and listen and see/hear if it blows you away. If it does, you can check out his album called The Campaign.

COVERED: Boz Scaggs vs. Jidenna

Boz Scaggs used to release albums with some of the most interesting album covers, some memorable, a few peculiar and arguably, the cover for his [i]Middle Man[/i] album was somewhat peculiar. Who is this lady in fishnets and a red bathing suit and what does it mean if he is the middle man? Does it mean he is deeply into things that are in the middle and of so, what middle specifically? No matter, it was a hit album partly due to the success of the single “Jojo” and it seemed Scaggs began the 1980’s on a good note.

Jidenna Mobisson simply creates music as Jidenna and after gaining a nice buzz in the last few years, he’s about to drop his debut solo album tomorrow called [i]The Chief[/i] and what does he do for the cover? He becomes the middle man and we’re about to see how much in the middle he will be getting in the years to come.

VIDEO: clipping. featuring Antwon & Signor Benedick The Moor’s “Back Up”

clipping. have come up with another intense video, this time for the track “Back Up” from their EP Wriggle. If you haven’t heard the song yet, they’re teamed up with Signor Benedick The Moor and Antwon, which means it’s a mindfuck of sorts. You can check out the EP below via

VIDEO: Deal The Villain’s “Retro”

Deal The Villain has created a promotional film clip in support of his forthcoming EP Beards, Beats & Kicks, nicely done by director Leon Brinson. Check out “Retro” and if you’ve seen his previous clips for “Emerald Preference” and “Nova Charm”, this is the third track done for the EP, a good way to anticipate the new release.

VIDEO: Stevo The Weirdo’s “3 A.M.”

The time of 3 a.m. is forever eternal and Steve The Weirdo knows this, for he created a song in its honor. This one is produced by Adothegod and now he has turned it into a video, where he headed to northwest Portland, discovered the Denny’s across the street is kinda hectic so he heads to the Hotel Eastlund to see what may be going down, unless he already knows, and perhaps very well. It’s all a good time in the 503.

REVIEW: Victorian Slang’s “By The Light Of The Moon”

 photo VictorianSlang_cover_zpslnorsoow.jpg It’s kind of a trip to hear a modern indie rock band have the appeal that is a cross between Weezer and Neil Young buit that is what I hear in the three-piece Victorian Slang, whose By The Light of The Moon (Emotional Response) is the kind of album that would sound great in a car as it would in a dingy basement with no air conditioning. “High Five The Moon” sounds like a country song in the wrong part of town while “Churches” is the right song to turn your melancholy into a happy day or week.

It’s not a majorly serious album but that’s not to say this is nothing more than a hoot and a guffaw. By The Light of The Moon has enough of a good thing going for it that they come off as a band who don’t take themselves too seriously, or at least they know how to have fun, especially by covering Clarence “Frogman” Henry’s “Ain’t Got No Home”, which Rod Stewart borrowed/ripped off for “Some Guys Have All The Luck” in the 80’s. Victorian Slang take it back from him and show things can still be good, if not great. Need a bit of an Uncle Tupelo revival, they pull it off with excellent by doing “I Got Drunk”. The album is quite nice and while calling something “nice” may come off as being tame, I mean that in the nicest way, no sarcasm. I’d want to see these guys live.