FREE DL: Wizdom “40 Bar Dash

This one will be up for a limited time but it comes from Seattle, courtesy of Wizdom and it takes J.I.D.’s “Never” and turns it into something new, forever. It’s called “40 Bar Dash”, which you can download for free while it’s up so get to it ASAP.


AUDIO: Eternia’s “Broken Language (Remix)”

The ever-impressive Eternia went back to the 1990’s to revive an incredible classic to remind people how nice hip-hop used to be. It’s an update/upgrade to “Broken Language” and it makes me wish all of hip-hop in 2017 was this as intense as this song.

VIDEO: Ali Aura’s “Sex In The City”

It’s not about “and the city”, it’s being “In The City” when it comes to “Sex” and wanting to share your crotch protein and that is what Ali Aura is doing with his new track and if the song sounds like it could come from somewhere else, realize that this was produced by Cee-Lo Green, who is sharing his vibe with others. Will this become a scorcher? It could.

AUDIO: Endemic Emerald & Skanks featuring Rim & Shatike’s “Straight Out Da NYC”

There was a time when the Jungle Brothers spoke about being straight out the jungle. 27 years later, New York City may be cleaner and arguably nicer but Endemic Emerald and Skanks The Rap Martyr speak on the pride of the boroughs with “Straight Out Da NYC”. where they were able to team up with Shatike and Rim. The song is a hint of the forthcoming album due out on May 30th called Rapsploitation (No Cure/IDC).

VIDEO: HeatWave’s “Young Motsami”

In this case, HeatWave should not be confused with legendary British soul band Heatwave of “Boogie Nights”, “The Groove Line”, and “Always And Forever” fame but rather someone from, Vancouver, BC via Atlanta. He is going to releasing album called The Masses Volume 3 and this one is here to keep you satisfied for the time being. It’s called “Young Motsami”. The album will be out in June.