VIDEO: Vallenfyre’s “The Merciless Tide”

The album Fear Those Who Fear Him (Century Media) was released last week Friday but Vallenfyre now has a video in support of it. Check out the clip for “The Merciless Tide”. which was directed by Ash Pears. The album can be ordered below through

Apologies for non-activity for a month

I didn’t realize it had been a month since I last posted something. There were times when I posted 16 things in a day, be it news items or a day when I was adventurous and did 20 to 25 album reviews.

There are a number of reasons why the activity came to a grinding halt but the website remains and will. Perhaps the non-activity is a sign of change to come on the website, but we’ll see about that. The lack of activity was due to personal manners to, I’ll be honest, boredom. However, perhaps the time away was a good chance to regroup and see what happens next.

For those who make regular visits and were wondering “where the hell is John?”, how come you didn’t send me an e-mail? HUH? J/K, I’m very much here but we’ll see how things go from this point on.