RECORD CRACK: MFSL release new audiophile pressing of Santana’s “Abraxas”

 photo SantanaMFSL_cover_zpsvzg1oiwf.jpg
The album has sold millions of copies since it was released 46 years ago and you hear two of its hit singles continuously on the radio every day. In fact, wait an hour and you may end up hearing “Black Magic Woman” (and “Gypsy Queen”) or “Oye Como Va” at one point. Of course, I speak of Santana’s classic second album released in 1970 called Abraxas. If you have been collecting albums released by the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, you most likely have come across their 1991 pressing of the Abraxas CD at one point or another, as it remains one of the best remasters they’ve done. When MFSL, now known as MOFI, did a new pressing in 2008, it still sold very well.

This time, MFSL/MOFI are releasing it on vinyl again but in a way never done before: as a 2-record set and at 45 rpm. Only 2500 copies have been made and per the norm, once they sell out, it’s over, expect to pay high collector’s prices.

RECORD CRACK: Vinyl reissue for 1998 album by Caustic Resin

 photo CausticResin_cover_zps2dkwr86q.jpg
Caustic Resin were one of the most prized bands from the Pacific Northwest music scene, specifically from the city of Boise, Idaho and when they released their music, many anticipated new sounds from them. Their The Medicine Is All Gone is still praised today and today, the Scavenger Cult label reissues that album on vinyl. If you’re unfamiliar with the album or the band, check out a song from it/them called “Cable” and hopefully you’ll be moved to pick up a copy of The Medicine Is All Gone, which you can order below via Amazon. The album will be out on September 30th.

RECORD CRACK: Arab On Radar new record comes in metal picture sleeve

Arab On Radar photo ArabOnRadar_PS_zpsbnxrczs2.jpg
The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions is a new 7″ from Arab On Radar and if you are someone who feels record labels are getting more adventurous than ever with new releases, you’ll want to know about this one. It’s a screen-printed version that will be available in both aluminum and copper sleeves, which means it’s more than just getting aluminum foil and pressing it on your records. For the record (literally), the copper version is already sold out but you had to rush on obtaining it, as only 22 copies were made. True to the name, the songs on the 7″ are from the sessions that gave us The Yahweh Or The Highway album.

You’ll also be able to get this record with a CD as the “Ultimate Edition”, featuring all of the songs on the 7″ plus their Yahweh Or The Highway album. For more information on what’s on there, head over to Skin Graft Records.

RECORD CRACK: The Rashida Joneses release limited edition lathe cut as new single

The Rashida Joneses photo RashidaJoneses_old_zpsb0bm7gav.jpg
If you’re someone who is into labels or artists who release lathe cuts as records, you’re going to like this. The Rashida Joneses have released a new single and you’re only going to be able to pick it up when they are doing shows for the next few weeks. First and foremost, here is where you’ll be seeing this crazy trio:

July 1… Oshkosh, WI (Reptile Palace)
July 5… Minneapolis, MN (Kitty Cat Klub)
July 6… Madison, WI (Mickey’s Tavern)
July 7… St. Louis, MO (Foam)
July 8… Chicago, IL (Mr. Rodgers Playhouse)
July 9… Detroit, MI (Donovan’s Pub)
July 10… Fort Wayne, IN (The Brass Rail)

While the label is calling this a “split single”, that’s not the proper term for what this is. Their new single will be released as an 8 inch lathe cut, made differently than your standard records. They had them done through Precarian Cuts of Tucson, Arizona, the process of which was documented below.
The Rashida Joneses lathe photo Rashida_lathesB_zpsvfl38omd.jpg

Technically, a “split single” is the phrase used when each side of the record features music by different artists. What Tasty Tapes are focusing on is the fact that both songs on this record are bangers, solid hits, a double A-side if you will. You may have a listen to one of the tracks below, called “Alien Ocean”. Remember, these records are only at shows, not at stores so show some support and if you can, say hello.

RECORD CRACK: Supermoon unleash new double 7″

Supermoon photo Supermoon_old_zpscfvkzlvp.jpg
The band Supermoon are preparing for their first tour of the west coast and they decided “eh, let’s also release a 7″” and they did via Mint Records.

Supermoon photo Supermoon2016_PS_zpsswbesrzw.jpg
It’s a double 7″ called Playland so these Vancouver, BC gents are ready to excite and satisfy anyone who will be heading to their shows.

You may have heard them on CITR radio at 1pm pacific time but they’ll be starting their tour tomorrow down in Olympia, Washington, check your coordinates:

May 21… Olympia, WA (The Track House)
May 22… Portland, OR (Annares Infoshop)
May 23… Eugene, OR (Old Nick’s)
May 24… San Francisco, CA (The Knockout)
May 25… Provo, UT (Studio Studio Dada)
May 26… Las Vegas, NV (Bunkhouse Saloon)
May 27… Palm Springs, CA (The Ace Hotel) @w/ DJ Howie Pyro
May 28… Los Angeles, CA (Ham & Eggs Tavern)
May 29… Santa Cruz, CA (TBA)
May 31… Portland, OR (Valentine’s)
June 1… Seattle, WA (Kraken) $
June 2… Victoria, BC (The Fountain House)
June 3… Vancouver, BC (Toast Collective) (Music Waste Festival)

@ = w/ DJ Howie Pyro
$ = w/ Ramona, Fair Lady, Listen Lady

RECORD CRACK: Steve Vai album gets a deluxe treatment in reissue

 photo SteveVai_cover_zpslk51kz7a.jpg
The man known as Frank Zappa’s “stunt guitarist” will have one of his album reissued this year in honor of its 25th anniversary. Passion And Warfare is being released as a double LP and this edition will have four tracks not on the original.

The original album actually came out in 1990 so if we are to get technical, this is the 26th anniversary. However, when the album was released, Relativity Records did press it up on vinyl but it was a 53 minute on a single piece of vinyl, which means the sound quality was a bit compressed in order to fit everything on there. This means the volume on the original vinyl pressing was not as bold or loud as it could have been but the new remaster, being released by the Friday Music label, will fix this. Unlike the original, this new 2LP set will be packaged in a gatefold cover and is being pressed by R.T.I., the plant known for pressing up a number of remasters by people such as Steve Hoffman and Kevin Grey.

The original album will be spread over three sides and Side 4 will be the one with previously unreleased material. Here’s the track listing for Side 4:
1. Lovely Elixir
2. And We Are One (Solo #2)
3. As Above
4. So Below

The 180g audiophile pressing will be out this summer, actual release date to be mentioned very soon.

RECORD CRACK: Live Ravi Shankar album to be released for Record Store Day

 photo RaviShankar_cover_zpseytegyug.jpg
Record Store Day has been a way to pick up new releases and reissues of some of your favorite rock, jazz, country, indie/alternative, funk, hip-hop, and so many other genres but unless it was in the used record section, you don’t hear too much about any new Indian classical music. That’s about to change this year with the release of a previously unreleased live recording by the late Pandit Ravi Shankar.

The Ravi Shankar Foundation’s East Meets West Music and Northern Spy Records are going to release In Hollywood, 1971, which will be released as a 2-record set. While Shankar released a number of live albums in his lifetime, only a small handful consisted of live performances he held in his California home. This is one of those instances as this is taken from a show he did in June 12th in Hollywood. Shankar is joined by Alla Rakha on tabla and Kamala Chakravarty on tanpura, all of whom would perform at George Harrison’s Concert For Bangla Desh two months later.

In Hollywood, 1971 is being made for charity as it is an album where the profits will benefit the Ravi Shankar Foundation, which helps to keep the spirit of Indian classical music alive along with making sure Shankar’s archives are kept alive and active.

RECORD CRACK: Foals ready to release new single for Record Store Day

Foals photo Foals_old_zpsyrpxmjw4.jpg
There was a list posted today of some of the highlights you will be able to find at this year’s Record Store Day, including the one I have featured here, a new single by Foals called Rain/Daffodils. The interesting thing is that the record will have three songs, a non-LP track that they had done when they were making their What Went Down album. However, they’re calling the side with two songs a “double A-side” and traditionally, that would be wrong. But hey, let them be mistaken. Don’t be mistaken by missing this record when it is released on April 16th.

Foals photo Foals_PS_zpsnvc8mywe.jpg

RECORD CRACK: New 3LP live album from David Bowie is on its way

David Bowie photo Bowie_vinyl_zpsfrkeq90z.jpg
The death of David Bowie is leading labels to capitalize on him and his music and Friday Music is doing a good shop by releasing this album for the first time on DVD. A Reality Tour originally came out on CD and DVD only and focuses on a show he did in 2005 from what would become his last tour. This pressing is being made by RTI on 180 gram audiophile vinyl, pressed on translucent vinyl and is being released as a 3-record set. If you have records pressed on RTI, you know they do great work so this one will be a quality project. The records are packaged in a box with two posters so if you wish to hang them out, do whatever you want with it. The album will be released around June 1st, which you may pre-order directly from Friday Music.