PODCAST: The Listening Experience show #9

The Listening Experience is my podcast and if you like the variety of music that you can read on my site, you are sure to enjoy the sounds I share in this show, or what I call “the radio show that radio forgot.” Playlist can be found on the Mixcloud page for each show.


It has been three weeks since I last did my podcast and there’s no excuse for the delay, I apologize. Nonetheless, this is the 7th installment of The Listening Experience and I am back to the 90 minute format. This show has a nice balanced blend of the new and the old so stream and listen or downlaod and enjoy.

PODCAST: The Listening Experience show #6: Prince

The last edition of The Listening Experience podcast explores the music of Prince in a not-so-usual way. Prince was someone who utilized audio tape manipulation to where it would become one of its trademarks. You’d hear his voice sped up in a number of ways or even a guitar solo and sometimes you’d hear him at a much lower octave than normal. What I do here is adjust some of those songs so you will hear how he originally recorded them before it was adjusted for release.

This also marks the return of my podcast at a 90 minute duration or in this case, 93.

PODCAST: The return of “The Listening Experience”

My podcast was restarted two weeks ago and actually forgot to post it for everyone here. I used to do a show called Book’s Music then decided I wanted to continue creating podcasts. Thus it became The Listening Experience, what I call “the radio show that radio forgot”. For the time being, these two episodes are 60 minutes in length but I will return very soon to what is a normal length for my shows, which is 90 minutes. Playlists can be found for each page of the show.

I am looking for people to drop spots for my show, where you say who you are and that “you are listening to The Listening Experience” or something along those lines. If you are able to record your voice, I’d love for you to submit it. It will be put into rotation.

Also, if you have a suggestion for a podcast theme or have a specific song you want to hear, make a request.

The Listening Experience podcast #3

The Listening Experience photo TLE_cover_zpsc2baeef3.jpg
First off, a question. With Book’s Music I offered a chance for listeners to download the show along with streaming. With The Listening Experience it has been streaming-only but would you like a download option again? Please let me know.

As stated, this is The Listening Experience and this is show #3. This one goes back to the vibe of my previous show so if you liked the way O formatted that, you will like this edition.


The Listening Experience podcast #3 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

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The Listening Experience podcast #2

The second episode of The Listening Experience podcast is here. This one continues the theme from the debut issue where I select songs from albums with hit songs, but instead of focusing on the singles, I play the album tracks that are primarily ignored by radio stations these days. Have a listen.

If you have a suggestion for an idea/concept you’d like for me to do in a future show, e-mail me at BooksMusica [at] gmail [dot] com.


The Listening Experience podcast #2 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

The Listening Experience podcast #1

 photo TLE_cover_zpsc2baeef3.jpg
Today marks the debut of my new podcast called The Listening Experience. It branches off a bit from Book’s Music but I want to try a few new things in this one, which I will do in the weeks/months to come. The show remains, for the time being, 90 minutes in length although if you think it would be better if it was compacted to 60 minutes, let me know. As you can see, I don’t have a special logo for The Listening Experience so for now it’s basic.


The Listening Experience podcast #1 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

Book’s Music podcast #360d: The End


Book’s Music podcast #360d: The Last Show (September 22, 2014) by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

This is it, the end of my podcast. Book’s Music comes to an end after seven years of creating shows for everyone, but there will be an all-new show coming up very soon. In other words, the end of one show only means the start of something new. For now, enjoy the finale of this show, episode #360d for you.

Book’s Music podcast #360c


Book’s Music podcast #360c (September 15, 2014) by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

Book’s Music podcast is coming to an end, but there are two more shows left to go, including this one. It’s the 360c episode, check the playlist below, press play, and enjoy.

 photo 360c-playlist_zps8ff6e2ca.jpg