SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Kaumakahiwa Kanaka’ole vs. Cheesa Laureta

Fans of Hawaiian music should be familiar with Kaumakahiwa Kanaka’ole, whose style of music and singing has been moving audiences in the last few years, to where people feel he is part of the current wave of hugely influential artists. Pop music fans may be familiar with another singer from Hawai’i, Cheesa Laureta. She was one of the people to make it onto NBC‘s The Voice in the United States before getting the last week. Thus, I put them together for all to see.

(Mahalo nui to Nettie Bird for the suggestion.)

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Dionne Warwick & Madame

On Twitter, DJ Tyriq Stiles wondered if he was the only one who thought singer Dionne Warwick, who hosted the show Solid Gold for years, had a strange resemblance to another frequent guest on the show, a puppet known as Madame. Madame was an extravagant diva that was the brainchild of Wayland Flowers, who was a staple of countless television talk and variety shows in the 60’s and 70’s (I remember Flowers and Madame when they were judges on The Gong Show.)

Anyway, here are the two ladies, together at last… or is it once again?


SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Ron Perlman vs. Elsa Patton

Turning channels over the weekend, I saw The Soup and a segment on Real Housewives Of Miami. I don’t watch any of the Housewives shows, but it’s amazing how plastic surgery has turned some people into their own diverse ethnicity. Either that, or they all have the same disease.

Nonetheless, the segment of Real Housewives Of Miami involved an older woman who was at home drinking. Her daughter was there, and it seemed the daughter is following in her mother’s plastic surgery footsteps. It looked hideous to me, and the older lady reminded me of Ron Perlman‘s character on the TV show Beauty & The Beast. I decided to put the two together.

By doing so, I found that the woman in question is named Elsa Patton, who some feel is the bitch of the Miami show. Whether she is or not, I don’t know nor care, but you may.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Dave Grohl & Alanis Morissette

I have seen the resemblance for years, and I resurrect it in 2011. If Alanis Morissette can turn into Dale Nixon, I will salute.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Lea Michele vs. Pete Burns

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The lady on the left is actress Lea Michele, who is getting some attention for her role in the FOX show Glee.

The man on the right is Pete Burns, the vocalist of Dead Or Alive, who is primarily known for their hit “You Spin Me ‘Round (Like A Record)”.

When I saw the magazine cover, I thought “who does she remind me of? Oh yes, the guy from Dead Or Alive!”. So here we go.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Mr. T. & ?uestlove of The Roots

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SEPARATED @ BIRTH: M.I.A. & David Vega

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M.I.A. has been getting a bit of attention this week for her comments on Lady Gaga. Sadly, some feel that M.I.A.’s views are a shock, but it’s nice to see someone being very blunt. The folks at The Couch Sessions asked people what they thought of M.I.A.’s views and posted a photo of M.I.A. in a cool red dress. Not knowing anything about fashion, I don’t know what they call what she’s wearing, but it looks like red foil. It immediately reminded me of the late guitarist for the Graham Central Station, David “Dynamite” Vega, as he posted in the back of the 1974 album Release Yourself (Warner Bros.) Thus, the comparison is made.

Okay, maybe not exactly “separated @ birth” but they both have that foil thing going on.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Khlo√© Kardashian-Odom & Franken Berry

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Must give credit to where credit is due: on Twitter, ?uestlove of The Roots offered a link to a new video by Ed Lover, who runs the website C’mon Son where he comments on things that he feels are complete B.S. but worthy of a conversation or two. Ed Lover did a countdown on various C’mon Son-worthy events, and he made reference to these two. I was thinking more along the lines of a cross between Lisa Marie Presley and Jay Leno, but Franken Berry will have to do.

Here’s the video in question, reference made at around the 1:30 mark.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH?: Adam Lambert & Susan Boyle

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Okay, obviously they were not separated at birth, but these are the covers for their debut albums coming out next week. I’ll leave it up to you to debate on which one looks more womanly.

In case Lambert’s photo is making you wonder “I’ve seen someone who looked like that before”, then here.
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(You can pre-order the albums through CD Universe by clicking the following links:
Adam Lambert-For Your Entertainment
Susan Boyle-I Dreamed A Dream)