Apologies for non-activity for a month

I didn’t realize it had been a month since I last posted something. There were times when I posted 16 things in a day, be it news items or a day when I was adventurous and did 20 to 25 album reviews.

There are a number of reasons why the activity came to a grinding halt but the website remains and will. Perhaps the non-activity is a sign of change to come on the website, but we’ll see about that. The lack of activity was due to personal manners to, I’ll be honest, boredom. However, perhaps the time away was a good chance to regroup and see what happens next.

For those who make regular visits and were wondering “where the hell is John?”, how come you didn’t send me an e-mail? HUH? J/K, I’m very much here but we’ll see how things go from this point on.

VIDEO: Dizzyride’s “Young You”

Dizzyride have a new clip that may suit you to the fullest and it’s called “Young You”. Whether you are young or young at heart, this one is sure to make you feel good and crazy, perhaps both at the same time. The track is from Dizzyride’s forthcoming debut album, due out on January 20th so if you are unable to celebrate that day for different reasons, celebrate with some new music. The video was directed by Angus Borsos.

VIDEO: The Mystery Lights’ “Melt”

Would you stop the world and “Melt” with The Mystery Lights? You might be asking “I don’t even know who these guys are or if they even have a tattoo on their ankle” but now find out. The Mystery Lights sound like a cross between the Dead Kennedys’ and Nardwuar’s band The Evaporators, you may hear other influences too but “Melt” is from the band’s self-titled album on Wick Records, which you can check out below via Amazon.com.

SOME STUFFS: Las Kellies head on tour in support of new album and single

Las Kellies photo LasKellies_old_zps1ucjgjrp.jpg
Las Kellies call themselves this because they are sisters, in this case Cecilia Kelly and Silvina Kelly. Their new album Friends & Lovers is out now but when they head on tour next week, they are adding a new “Kelly” who happens to not be related, for she is a new Kelly in a group sense, bassist Manuela Ducatenzeiler. They show you how it is in Buenos Aires but will prove they are much more than their home locale. Their latest single is called “Celebrate Life”, which is good to do during any time of the day.

Here are the dates for their European tour that will take them throughout the rest of autumn and 2016:
06 Nov: Moth Club, London, UK
07 Nov: The Hope, Brighton, UK
08 Nov: Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK
09 Nov: The Bassment, Chelmsford, UK
10 Nov: Night & Day, Manchester, UK
11 Nov: Arden Arms, Halifax, UK
12 Nov: The Tin at The Coal Vaults, Coventry, UK
13 Nov: The Ferret, Preston, UK
14 Nov: Harley, Sheffield, UK
15 Nov: Oporto, Leeds, UK
17 Nov: The Exchange, Keighley, UK
19 Nov: Rotown, Rotterdam, Netherlands
20 Nov: Oedipus Brewery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
23 Nov: Kinky Star, Gent, Belgium
24 Nov: ACU, Utrecht, Netherlands
26 Nov: 1000 Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark
27 Nov: Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany
29 Nov: Zoro, Leipzig, Germany
30 Nov: Klapperfeld, Frankfurt, Germany
01 Dec: Espace B, Paris, France
04 Dec: L’ ecurie, Geneva, Switzerland
05 Dec: Schwarzer Engel, St Gallen, Switzerland
06 Dec: Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
07 Dec: Spazio Aereo, Venecia, Italy
08 Dec: Moog, Ravenna, Italy
09 Dec: Mr Rollys, Vitualazio, Italy
10 Dec: Beat Café, Vasto, Italy
11 Dec: Zazza, Carip, Italy
13 Dec: El Pati, Perpignan, France
17 Dec: Le Twist Komintern, Rennes, France

VIDEO: The New Respects’ “Trouble”

New photo NewRespects_old_zpsblui9ntx.jpg
After debuting on the Spotify U.S. Viral Top 50 chart (peaking at #13), The New Respects have begun to receive widespread recognition with this latest single, “Trouble,” being featured on Beats 1 for Ebro’s Discovered on Apple Music is what the press release says about this new track by The New Respects and by calling themselves The New Respects, is it a subtle reference to the respect created by Otis Redding via Aretha Franklin? Is this group planning on continuing the level of respect Aretha created in the early 60’s? It may be and if so, begin here to get into their goodness.


VIDEO: Tom Brosseau’s “You Can’t Stop”

Tom Brosseau photo TomBrosseau_old_zpsydttvzt4.jpg
We’re a week away from Tom Brosseau releasing his brand new album on Crossbill Records called North Dakota Impressions and if you have been hearing his last two albums, this new one is the third and final part of the trilogy. Didn’t know he was creating a trilogy? Now you do. “You Can’t Stop” is the name of the song, take a look and listen to get a feel for what the album will be like, then pick it up next week Friday.

AUDIO: Apollo Brown & Skyzoo featuring Joell Ortiz’s “A Couple Dollars”

Mello Music Group will be releasing a new album by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo called The Easy Truth and from it is “A Couple Dollars” for you to either put in your pocket or give to the Salvation Army red bucket. This one features Joell Ortiz. The East Truth</i" will be out a month from now (September 30th to be precise).

FREE DL: Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s “Soap Opera (Soulseize Remix)”

Illect Recordings have released a new single by Sareem Poems and Ozay Moore and this one is not only “Soap Opera” but you get to hear it remixed by Soulseize. It’s available as a free download but highly consider using the “Name Your Price” option and showing a b

VIDEO: Young Moon’s “Colt

Young Moon photo YoungMoon_old_zpskcbc8vpp.jpg
From his new album on Western Vinyl is “Colt”, the latest from Young Moon, the core of whom is Trevor Montgomery. IF you’re on the west coast and want to hear more, they have some shows perhaps near you:

August 20… San Francisco, CA (Amado’s) @
September 10… Corvallis, OR (Bomb’s Away Cafe) !
September 11… Portland, OR (Rontoms) !

@ w/ Madeline Kenny
! w/ Roselit Bone