REVIEW: Meadows’ EP

Photobucket A name like Meadows may sound like a nice river or pond, or it might bring in visions of flowers and free flowing streams. But Meadows, in this case, are a loud ass 4-piece from England that bring together brutal metal and punk and blend it with a vengeance that at times sounds like getting lost in a dog kennel, and someone just threw in freshly cut steaks. Their 4-song EP (self-titled) packs in a lot of content, moving from songs that may have a massive grungy wallop to others that will make you want to rip your mind out for fun. There are elements of sludge, doom, and stoner metal, but when they get into punk mode, they may remind fans of some of the best bands who combined different elements of these songs without remaining in their for too long. Imagine bursts of The Accused, Superconductor, Eyehategod, Aspirin Feast, and Crowbar, and then having these sounds pulled out of your eye socket. You feel enraged just listening to it, but it’s exciting to hear, especially as layers of feedback lead you to places you never thought you wanted to me. When they grind, they grind well. When they speed up their attack, there’s no place to hide.