SOME STUFFS: Deep releases his own album for HiPNOTT

You may have seen the album cover going around on Twitter, Facebook, apps, blogs or anywhere on the internet and now you’re able to hear the new album by Deep called What You Leave Behind. Deep is a member of 2 Hungry Bros. and as you’ll hear, the hunger is strong with his music. You can buy it on CD but if you’re a cassette fanatic, you better hurry for only 100 copies of the tape have been made. Of course, digital means can be had via Bandcamp so stream it at first, let things immerse and then consider buying this.

AUDIO: P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. featuring Tanya Morgan & Substantial’s “Go Nuts”

P.SO the Earth Tone King & 2 Hungry Bros. will be releasing a new EP tomorrow (August 28th) called Feast Of Legend but you’re able to hear a new song from it at this very moment. This one brings in Tanya Morgan and Substantial for a MEGABLAST they like to go “Go Nuts” and will you? If it’s titled that, there’s a possibility that it may.

SOME STUFFS: New EP from P.So The Earth Tone King & 2 Hungry Bros. is out

Officially released today by HiPNOTT Records is Feast Of Legend, the latest from P.SO The Earth Tone King where he teams up with The 2 Hungry Bros. THe EP also features help from Tanya Morgan, Substantial, Likwuid, and Kevo so there isn’t too much to be overdosed with, enough to keep you satisfied but hungry for seconds.

VIDEO: K Gaines’ “Super ID”

“Fuck the flattery”, especially when you’re trying to flatter someone as a means to impress, only to make a complete poo butt out of yourself. Thsi is what K Gaines demonstrates in “Super ID”, a mere grain of what will be on his new album, Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles. If you’re feeling the production, it comes from the 2 Hungry Bros and if that’s the sound of being hungry, hip-hop needs to be obese right about now. For now, you’ll have to wait a few more days until Rumspringa drops but come September 10th, you’ll have it in your hands.

FREE MP3 DL: K. Gaines’ “Super ID”

 photo KGaines_cover_zpsfd540a80.jpg
First off, the guy goes simply by the name K. Gaines. Sounds safe. He’s about to release an album called Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicle. Crazy if you know what a rumspringa is and if you do, is this a complete soundtrack to his rumspringa adventures? I would think if he calls himself “wildman”, this would represent his chronicles. The song and album was produced by 2 Hungry Bros. Just a casual name: 2 Hungry Bros. It may sound weird and strange, but I’m down for whatever this represents, and when I pressed play, I thought “yes, I am satisfied with what I’m listening to” and I hope you will do.