Photobucket 20 years after the release of my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers album, BloodSugarSexMagik, there’s an EP that samples some of the works of the funk/pop band, complete with a cover homage. For the RHCP purists, let me say this first: I’m one who feels that some of the best work the band did was from 1991 and before. I ride for them in One Hot Minute, but if one is to base their music in terms of potential funky samples, I would choose their work on EMI and BloodSugarSexMagik. With that said, none of the band’s EMI work was sampled on this, everything here is based on their more mainstream Warner Bros. work.

What is on Pepper Spray are some damn good songs, and while the loops and samples are the lure to make people listen, there’s enough here in the lyrics that will make you want to hear it in full, plus it’s Hieroglyphics, you can’t go wrong there. Joining A Plus on this one is Compound Seven and Aagee, and as soon as the notebook is opened, it’s a true look into our world and ourselves:

It’s like a jacket in the winter, umbrella in the rain
I need it dealing with fame when hella people cellophane
Like Saran Wrap, people be see through
But this life is more than just a read-through
Too many cats with scripts, they all actin’
When in fact, it’s time to scrap their non-action
Legs shaking like ladies after climaxin’
Or locked in a bathroom with a stack of Maxim
Spirits answer all the questions I’m askin’
And it’s granted on the strength of my passion
(from “Can’t Stop”)

Lines like that are ridden throughout, and what I also like about it is that it’s not just rhymes over the Peppers. As you can see by the excerpted lyrics above, they also incorporate Peppers’ lyrics as part of the stories, an excellent touch. You don’t have to be a Peppers fan to like this, but if you are and enjoy quality hip-hop, you’re going to want to tell everyone about it. If you’re a hip-hop fan that enjoys it when an artist goes out of their way to do something different from the now-expected norms, you’ll like what A Plus did here.

Plus, the EP is free (for the time being).