VIDEO: Aceyalone “Pass The Hint”

Leanin’ On Slick (Decon) by Aceyalone (my review of which can be read by clicking here) should be taking the world by storm, for its truly a worldwide collection of music, but so far it has not. Thus, let those who seek it discover its goodness for themselves so between us… here’s a new video called “Pass The Hint”. In a way, the song and feel of it is similar to what I’m doing in this article right now, letting you know that if you must spread the world, please do. Aceyalone is too good to ignore.

REVIEW: Aceyalone’s “Leanin’ On Slick”

 photo AceyLOS_cover_zps9fd3f207.jpg The solo path of Aceyalone has moved forward for 18 years, and as one of the members of Project Blowed, he has continued to be the focus of those who show a priority towards making hip-hop their own. For Leanin’ On Slick (Decon) he is showing the positive side of the ageism some fans claim is the biggest plague of hip-hop. I say the biggest plague is ignorance, and Aceyalone goes through it and causes it to disappear.

On the music side, Acey goes for a wide range of styles by rhyming over classic soul and funk, or gracing his voice and lyrics over tightly knit hip-hop. In many ways, some of the best hip-hop tracks are sourced from classic soul and funk, but the difference is that with the classic retro feel of these songs, what he’s trying to do is show the parallel between the two ears and how the traditions are passed on while still showing the unifying theme of the music. “One Cup, Two Cups” sounds perfect to bust out moves on a piece of cardboard while “Pass The Hint” has an undeniable groove that is driven by guitar riffs, a horn section, and a mean Hammond B-3 that digs deep into the song. While one can get a feel for what “I Can Get It Myself” is doing, it sounds like a tight head nodder and one that someone would want to pass on to the next generation.

On the lyrical side… c’mon, this is Aceyalone we’re talking about here, the coordinator of many verbal concepts that take you to the place where he wants to take you, whether it’s about finding a lady to get warm with (“Cold Piece”) or making the sacrifice to prove yourself as worthy of a representation (“Boss”). Despite the representation people create for him, there is a true side to Edward Hayes and as he says in “I’m No Casanova”, “I just go where my heart go” and if that path is unpaved, he will make the first step towards a new trip. Daniel Merriweather joins in on vocals in “Things Get Better”, and the Northern Soul feel may remind some of the poppy jump Gnarls Barkley’s “Smiley Faces”. Speaking of Gnarls, Cee-Lo enters the scene in “Workin’ Man Blues” where he blesses the song with his vocals, almost as a means of approval and perhaps a way to let people know that he too has been the workin’ man in his career for the last ten years. Aceyalone becomes descriptive about the daily grind, punching in the clock, and doing what one must do in order to pay the bills.

The character (or characters) Aceyalone portrays on this album may be shades of his true self, or the self he would like to be, but he also details the journey he has taken so far through his music. The voice is pretty much the same but while some may say his flow lacks that old school elation, what I hear is growth and maturity that comes from experience and a wiser sense of self which re-establishes the confidence he has had for decades. The music may be a partial detail of the elders he may be trying to acknowledge as the reasons for his love of music, but also for the person that he was, is, and will become. Leanin’ On Slick may be a declaration of the person he is today, while also acknowledging the attitude passed on from generation to generation to him, which in turns allows him to pass that frame of mind to those willing to listen and comprehend.

AUDIO: Aceyalone’s “Pass The Hint”

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A few weeks ago I posted a brand new video by Aceyalone. Two weeks later, a new song has surfaced as a means to promote the man’s forthcoming album, Leanin’ On Slick (Decon), the vinyl and CD pressings of which you may pre-order below via Amazon.

VIDEO: Freestyle Fellowship’s “This Write Here”;

A music video with a stern warning:
This video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

This is not a joke. Images flutter and it may look cool in a room with the lights down, but if you can’t handle video with intense strobe, do not watch this, or at least turn around and just listen to the music. You have been warned.

SOME STUFFS: Aceyalone no longer lonely with forthcoming tour package

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With the release of a new album from Aceyalone, Aceyalone And The Lonely Ones (Decon), he’s ready to go on tour and he’s bringing Haiku D’Etat along with him, joining Abstract Rude and Myka 9 for what will no doubt be a good tour. It begins on May 5th in Santa Cruz, California, check the poster graphic above for all confirmed dates.

SOME STUFFS: Aceyalone looks back musically for forward thinking album

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A lot of artists talk about wanting to defy genres but aren’t really doing anything close to that, but Aceyalone wants to change that with his forthcoming album.

Co-produced by Bionik, the new album is called Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones (Project Blowed) and is said to show a number of doo-wop, blues, funk, and Motown influences by actually going out of its way to recreate the sound by going to the source. A recent press release for the forthcoming album states Aceyalone and Bionik were looking to authentically recreate the sounds associated with each genre represented on the album.

Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones is scheduled for release on March 31st.