REVIEW: Salem’s Lot’s “…Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien”

 photo SalemsLot_cover_zps539d8a65.jpg Salem’s Lot are the kind of band that like to take things slow and easy, ease up to where they have to go and should go, then play slower. Their album …Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien (Easy Rider) is what used to be called a “back of the counter” album, or the type of music you used to have to either look for because it was either hidden or not available in the regular part of the store, it is too unique and special so you had to ask for it. These guys are like a mixture of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, and some Italian prog rock band that love acid more than hashish. There are only three songs on this album, the longest (“Creep Purple”) running at close to 15 minutes while the other two play around the nine minute mark, so if you were to write these tunes as pop songs, they might last for two minutes and fifty seconds. With Salem’s Lot, you’re going to go the long and great way, and they do it with nice arrangements and adjustments throughout.


SOME STUFFS: A cherished Velvet Underground album gets the Super Deluxe treatment

 photo VUWLWHdeluxe-cover_zps01b48a58.jpg
You see the cover, I don’t have to tell you any more than that.

Well, I do, as this is meant to be a lure to get you to buy this. It is a Universal Super Deluxe Edition of Velvet Underground’s classic 1968 album White Light/White Heat originally released on Verve Records, and it’s not a 2CD set, but a 3CD collection. It was put together as a means to honor its 45th anniversary, and will be released on December 2nd, just in time for the holiday season. While it is the band’s first true VU album (i.e. without Nico), it was also the last to feature John Cale.

As the theory goes, Velvet Underground were not massive sellers by any means but everyone who bought their album moved on to form a band or became a musician or singer. That’s the influence of a group whose ripple effect is far more massive than they were, and yet because of that, their music remains massive and massive sounding.

The Super Deluxe Edition will feature both the mono and stereo mixes of the album, everything remastered. Then there are the previously unreleased goodies, which include vocal (!!!) and instrumental mixes of “The Gift”, both in mono. There’s also the original mono 45 mixes of “White Light/White Heat” and “Here She Comes Now”. Songs recorded during the sessions but had been unused include “I heard Her Call My Name”, “Beginning To See The Light”, “Stephanie Says”, “Guess I’m Falling In Love”, Temptation Inside Your Heart”, and “Hey Mr. Rain”, some being alternate takes or early versions, most in brand new mixes. On top of that, there’s disc 3, featuring the band’s live recording at The Gymnasium in New York City from April 30, 1967, taken from Cale’s only existing copy. Only two songs from this show had been released before, but the tape features performances of “The Gift”, “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore,” “I’m Waiting For The Man,” “Run Run Run,” and “Sister Ray”. Want more? The 3CD set will also feature liner notes from David Fricke.

 photo VUBookerT_Flexi_zpsf91f46e9.jpg
For those who pre-order it now, a limited edition white flexi-disc featuring VU’s live performance of “Booker T” from the Gymnasium show will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

You may pre-order the Super Deluxe Edition of White Light/White Heat here.

VIDEO: Heliotropes’ “Everyone Else”

September 6… Boston, MA (TT The Bears)
September 14… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands)
September 17… Philadelphia, PA (TBA)
September 21… Brooklyn, NY (BAM Café)
October 10… San Francisco, CA (The Knockout)
October 11… Fresno, CA (Fulton 55)
October 12… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) (Culture Collide Festival)

These are tour dates for Heliotropes, whose A Constant Sea album was released earlier this year on Manimal/Frenchkiss Label Group. The group have made a video for “Everyone Else”, showing how the band is not like everyone else, and how they do not sound like anyone else.

This is how the band looks when they’re at home, the park, or having a pizza.

VIDEO: Purson’s “The Contract”

If you love your psychedelic music or progressive rock with a heavy groove, check out Purson. “The Contract” sounds like something that someone made on the crossroads between The Moody Blues and King Crimson, but may be headed towards somewhere else. The song is the second single from Purson’s debut album, The Circle And The Blue Door (Rise Above/Metal Blade), and the single itself will be released with a new song, a non-LP track called “Blueprints Of The Dream”. William Cunningham directed this for the band.

SOME STUFFS: Destruction Unit to spend the rest of the year touring, in support of 5th album

 photo DestructionUnit_old_zps7f71f675.jpg
Deep Trip (Sacred Bones), right? I mean, Arizona, that’s the state where people are. Destruction Unit, who are not related to New Jersey’s Flavor Unit, are a group. August 20th is when that Deep Trip will start and everyone will be moving around their hands as if they’re spinning the magic ball at a rave.

Okay, maybe not, but Destruction Unit are indeed a band from Arizona and Deep Trip is a forthcoming album that will be ready for release on August 20th. Their brand of music is rich with the psychedelic and folk wonders of the mid to late 60’s, back when people would head to clubs or basements, open up a lava lamp, pour it over themselves and get off on the trippy vibes. It has that victorious sound that will please fans of early Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and 13th Floor Elevators, with a bit of Sonic Youth thrown in for extra texture. A song called “Bumpy Road” may represent the road that they’re about to embrace beginning in a few weeks, and leading them close to the end of the year. They’ll be touring in both North America and Europe, so have a preview of Deep Trip below and then save a place for yourself (and maybe a friend or two) at the Destruction Unit show to come.

August 23… San Diego, CA (VOID)
August 24… Los Angeles, CA (Complex)
August 25… Bakersfield, CA (Munoz Gym)
August 26… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock)
August 28… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
August 29… Seattle, WA (Barboza)
August 30… Olympia, WA (Dumpster Values)
August 31… Vancouver, BC (Sun Fest Vancouver) $
September 1… Boise, ID (The Crux)
September 3… Denver, CO (7th Street Arts Collective)
September 4… Omaha, NE (Middle House)
September 5… Chicago, IL (TBA)
September 7… Detroit, MI (Trinosophes) %
September 8… Toronto, ON (The Drake Hotel)
September 9… Montreal, QC (Il Motore)
September 11… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) +
September 12… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) +
September 14… Washington DC (Rock N Roll Hotel) +
September 15… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) +
September 17… Charlotte, NC (The Milestone) +&
September 18… Athens, GA (Caledonia) +
September 19… Atlanta, GA (529) +#
September 22… Houston, TX (Mangos) +
September 24… Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios) +
September 25… Memphis, TN (Gonerfest 10)

October 9… Berlin, Germany (West Germany)
October 11… Stockholm, Sweden (Southside)
October 12… Goteborg, Sweden (Koloni)
October 14… Copenhagen, Denmark (Stengade)
October 15… Hamburg, Germany (Hafenklang)
October 16… Hannover, Germany (Sturmglocke)
October 17… Uthrect, Holland (DB’s)
October 18… Harlem, Holland (Patronaat)
October 19… Antwerp, Belgium (Kavka)
October 20… Kortrijk, Belgium (The Pit’s)
October 21… Liege, Belgium (Carlo Levi)
October 22… Paris, France (Point FMR)
October 23… London, UK (Old Blue Last)
October 24… Newcastle, UK (The Tyne Bar)
October 25… Sheffield, UK (The Washington)
October 26… Brighton, UK (Prince Albert)
October 27… France (TBA)
October 28… Bordeaux (TBA)
October 29… Barcelona, Spain (Lupita del Raval)
October 30… Madrid, Spain (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
October 31… Libson, Portugal (ZDB)
November 1… Guimaraes, Portugal (CAAA)
November 2… Bermeo, Spain (Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala)
November 3… Vitoria, Spain (Ibu Host)
November 4… Tolouse, France (Les Saint Des Seins)
November 5… Lyon, France (TBA)
November 6… Torino, Italy (United Club)
November 7… Roma, Italy (Dal Verme)
November 8… Milano, Italy (Cox 18)
November 9… Luzern, Switzerland (Sudpol)
November 10… Verona, Italy (White Rabbit)
November 11… Lubiana, Slovenia (TBA)
November 12… Wien, Austria (Arena)
November 13… Konstanz, Germany (Horst)
November 14… Karlsruhe, Germany (Alte Hackerei)
November 15… Leipzig, Germany (Ut Connewiz)
November 16… Berlin, Germany (Auster Club)

$ w/ Nu Sensae
% w/ Human Eye
+ w/ Ukiah Drag
& w/ Pharmakon
# w/ Pop 1280

Vinyl and CD pressings of Deep Trip may be pre-ordered from Sacred Bones Records.

FREE DL: Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Little Miss Lover (Platurn Intro Edit)”

 photo HendrixPlaturn_cover_zps95730f3d.jpg
Jimi Hendrix would be 70 if he was alive today, and I’d like to think if he was still of an open mind and spirit, he would approve of this new edit created by DJ Platurn. If you know the song, it’s possibly because of the open drums played by Mitch Mitchell. It’s not just a mere edit/extension of the beat, but a bit of rearranging that comes off a bit like what Hendrix’s labels might have done in order to release a hit version of this song.

As for the artwork above, if you’re wondering why Axis: Bold As Love looks different, it’s taken from the Japanese pressing on Polydor.

The track is available as a download for free while supplies last. Click the Soundcloud link below, then click the “Buy This Track” section. This will take you to Facebook, where the free download (as a WAV file) has been made for your downloading pleasure.

REVIEW: The OF’s “Oh It’s The OF”

 photo TheOF_cover_zps73636cf7.jpg While these guys sound as seasoned as bands who have been around for 30 years or more, The OF have been in existence for only three years, but its members have been playing and performing music for a long time. This includes members John Carey and Ian Gray, whose extensive resumes would blow away many other musicians. As The OF, they bring in a wide range of different styles and influences to create an album simply callde Oh It’s The OF (Green Monkey), and they sound as if they’re having too much fun to care what others thing or to even analyze what they’re doing themselves.

In truth, some of it resembles the twisted eclectic side of Frank Zappa’s world, where songs can go from one side of the spectrum to the other in just a minute. If there’s one specific member of Zappa’s world that Oh It’s The OF resembles the most, it probably would be Steve Vai, especially the Flex-Able era work that balanced things between complex guitar-driven pieces to excursions into the deep minds of who knows. Some tracks, like “Seagull Attack”, reflect on the band’s own Seattle roots with shades of post-punk fire. There is a two part song called “Sodo Monkey”, not sure if it’s the same song split in two chunks or if they are just two separate things, but here The OF get into jam mode and flirt with their love of jazz, not unlike late 70’s/early 80’s Frank Zappa. One could easily find comfort in the band just playing this way, but their other paths are so nice that you don’t want to stay in one place for too long. When The OF decide to trip out everyone, including themselves, that’s when the freaky get freakier. Shades of The Residents are evident in “Thrompnobulous”, and you want to listen to each passing second so that you don’t feel as if you’ve missed anything.

Oh It’s The OF sounds not only like the Seattle I remember when I first moved to the Pacific Northwest, but it carries the spirit the scene has retained throughout the years and superhype. It also clearly sounds like an album made independently, and a fun one at that.

(Oh It’s The OF can be purchased digitally and compact disc-ly directly from Green Monkey Records, or from Bandcamp or Amazon below.)

SOME STUFFS: Heliotropes’ new album is streaming elsewhere

You’re probably reading this and saying to yourself “wait, I’m here on your site, and you’re telling me I have to elsewhere to listen to this album by Heliotropes?” Unfortunately yes, but with A Constant Sea (Manimal/Frenchkiss Label Group) due out a week from now (for those without calendars, that’s June 18th), you’re able to listen to it in full by heading here. If you like what you hear and want to pre-order the album, you can do so below via Amazon.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg & George Clinton interview (Part 1)

This video has come to my attention a few minutes ago, a segment from the Double G Network, or GGN. It is the creation of Snoop Dogg, who some may call Snoop Lion right now but I’ll be safe and just call him Snoop. He brings in George Clinton for an interview and a smoke, and Clinton digs deep about his musical history. There has been word of a reality show for Clinton and while I’m split on that concept, I like this idea a lot more. This is only Part 1 of the interview, so I highly look forward to the second part, maybe a third? We’ll see.

This video comes courtesy of Snoop Dogg TV/West Fest TV, so click the link and browse through the many videos he has to offer.

SOME STUFFS: Jimi Hendrix documentary DVD to be released as a director’s cut

 photo HendrixHero_DVD_zps4c9107b5.jpg Originally released almost three years ago, the music and legacy discussed in Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero will now be made available in a director’s cut. Directed by Jon Brewer, this new version has been expanded from a single DVD to a double disc set, which will feature loads of unreleased archive footage, over five hours of never seen/heard extended interviews, plus 8mm silent film footage made by Henry Diltz of Hendrix on the failed 1967 tour with The Monkees, and much more. The Guitar Hero features interviews with Dave Mason, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Eric Burdon, Micky Dolenz, Paul Rodgers, Ginger Baker, Bev Bevan, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Lemmy Kilmister, and many more. The entire project was narrated by Slash.

Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero will be rereleased as a double DVD and Blu-Ray disc on June 10th.