VIDEO: Hein Cooper’s “The Art Of Escape”

Hein Cooper releases his new EP today, which was called self-tited on the press release but what I believe it was meant to say was self-titled, meaning the EP is eponymous, or simply Hein Cooper. He has a small handful of shows in the next month so for those in Canada or in the UK, you will be able to see him face to face.

April 24… Boisbriand Canada (Teledon Saint-Eustache)
May 3… Quebec Canada (Theatre Petit Champlain)
May 4… Montreal Canada (Sala Rossa)
May 14-16… Brighton UK (The Great Escape)
May 22-24… Liverpool, UK (Liverpool Sound City)

VIDEO: Destani Wolf’s “Your Love For Me”

It is a different approach from what Destani Wolf is generally known for but when you hear the song and how she performs, it is very much what Wolf is known for and still does brilliantly well. The song is called “Your Love For Me”, originally found on her Peek Away EP, and this performance with a beautiful sunset behind her is accompanied by guitarist Bobby Easton. The EP can be found at iTunes (no Amazon or Bandcamp links available).

VIDEO: Rashmi’s “Make Believe”

You may be hearing a bit more about Rashmi Singh in the coming weeks as she will be starring in an NBC drama/thriller show called Odyssey. You may begin to become familiar with her as an artist simply as Rashmi. While she will be releasing an EP later this year called Puzzle, get familiar with her through “Make Believe” and believe her as an singer/songwriter/musician.

VIDEO: Sir Richard Bishop’s “Safe House”

Sir Richard Bishop‘s new album was released today on Drag City called Tangier Sessions and along with it is a new video made for it called “Safe House”. It is nothing more than a photo collage but it’s a chance to see parts of the world you may never get a chance to see yourself, and hear a fine acoustic song on the process.

Bishop will be on the road beginning next month so if these cities are where you’re at (or where you’ll be going to), check him out and show support:

March 26… Vancouver, Canada (The Fox Cabaret)
March 27… Seattle, WA (Sunset Tavern)
March 28… Spokane, WA (Palomino Club)
March 31… Bismarck, ND (Rhythm Records)
April 1… Fargo, ND (The Aquarium)
April 2… Minneapolis, MN (Icehouse)
April 3… Iowa City, IA (Mission Creek)
April 4… Chicago, IL (Constellation)
April 7… Detroit, MI (Trinosophes)
April 8… Toronto, Canada (Ratio)
April 9… Montreal, Canada (Casa Del Popolo)
April 10… Brooklyn, NY (Union Pool)
April 11… Washington, DC (Union Arts)
April 12… Philadelphia, PA (The Rotunda)
April 13… Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA (Twisted Branch)
April 14… Asheville, NC (The Mothlight)
April 16… Knoxville, TN (The Pilot Light )
April 17… Louisville, KY (The New Vintage)
April 20… New Orleans, LA (Circle Bar)
April 21… Houston, TX (Walter’s)
April 22… Austin, TX (Mohawk)
April 23… Marfa, TX ( El Cosmico)
April 24… Tucson, AZ (Exploded View)
April 27… Los Angeles, CA (Cinefamily)
April 28… San Francisco, CA (Brick and Mortar Music Hall)
April 29… Sacramento, CA (Shine)
May 1… Portland, OR (Bunk Bar)


VIDEO: Mo Evans’ “Spilled My Love”

 photo MoEvans_old_zps510bfac3.jpg
Scotland’s Mo Evans comes from a rich heritage of musical inclined people: producer Robin Evans is his dad, singer Sam Brown is his mom, and Joe & Vicki Brown are his grandparents. Now, the 19-year old man wants to make a name for himself not only as a descendant of the Brown/Evans family, but as someone who will stand out on his own. His EP is called Spilled My Love and the video is for the title track. Get to know Mo and discover why he may become the next “it” man of pop music.

VIDEO: David Bronson’s “Songbird”

My review of David Bronson’s new album was done last month but I am holding back from posting the review until the end of the year, so you’ll have to wait to read up on Questions You have about 15 days to wait for the review but you can trust your own ears by watching a video for one of the songs, this one for “Songbird”. The video also features some company, including guitarist Carlos Alomar and his daughter Lea Lórien, both of whom appear on the album.

SOME STUFFS: Sir Richard Bishop to release “Tangier Sessions” in February

 photo SirRichardBishop_old_zps12d0a031.jpg
February 17th is when Sir Richard Bishop will return with an all new album called Tangier Sessions. The first single from it will be “Frontier”, which is said to be “a prime example, not only of his guitar’s resonant qualities, but of Bishop’s deft, dexterous playing.” If the press release says it, it has to be close-to-true, right? Well, press play and found out for yourself.

REVIEW: Joe Jack Talcum’s “Home Recordings 93-99”

 photo JoeJackTalcum_cover_zps2dca5ffb.jpg You may know of Joseph Genaro as one of the members of The Dead Milkmen but he also recorded some material under the name Joe Jack Talcum, who you may be more familiar with. HHBTM Records has released a new compilation of his home recordings called Home Recordings 1993 – 1999, which were recordings between 1993 and 1999. I could easily say “that’s it, that’s my review, I’m outta here” but you want to know what it is. All of them are basically demos of songs he would later do or songs he ended up recording for himself, and this is a different perspective of what he has been able to do throughout his career. Most of these are mastered from Genado’s own DAT’s while one song comes from a cassette so if you want it to sound and feel rough, it’s here in all of its rugged glory. These songs could easily be adapted into new arrangements, or cover them as is and see how far these songs can go. Listen to “Call me A Fool”, “One False Move”, “The Sun Shines Out Of My Asshole” or “Another Disgusting Pop Punk Song” and give renewed life to these songs, as they are doing on this new compilation.

(You may order Home Recordings 93-99 directly from HHBTM Records.)


REVIEW: The Good Graces’ “Close To The Sun”

 photo TheGoodGraces_cover_zpsbf91dba4.jpg The Good Graces is a humble product from singer/songwriter/musician Kim Ware, and upon listening to the opening tracks, you may be quick to assume that she is all about keeping to an acoustic basis with music of a folk, country, or Americana nature. As you listen further into Close To The Sun (Fort Lowell), she becomes a bit more than those assumed basics. You can say that Ware cares for the craft of pop music, as the way she develops her songs are intricate yet powerful. The lyrics range from feeling lost or fearful to tunes with stories of love and hope. What I like is how she starts the album with a song called “I Don’t Know Where To Start” before she begins to go through her surrounds and where she would like to be. When she eventually finds a place of comfort, she reaches her last song, “Before You Go”, a song about finding someone she trusts and knowing that she can have one last message as a way to let them know she will always have them in their thoughts. If you are able to think of it, it’s a loosely compiled songs where she goes through the motions and emotions and does it not unlike people like Suzanne Vega or Tanya Donnelly. She even rocks occasionally, which is sure to bring new audiences to her. If you think of it in a different way, while the album doesn’t have a solid concept or a conscious running theme, it is united by the power of something. Maybe metaphorically it’s the sun, or the sun used as a metaphor for the guidance she will keep to herself in her journey. It will help listeners realize that regardless of what one holds as a metaphor, keep to your integrity and you will eventually find your way to the paradise or sunshine you seek.

AUDIO: Angelo De Augustine’s “Spirals Of Silence” available as a stream

 photo ADAugustine_cover_zps55bb20d8.jpg
Out today is the new album by Angelo De Augustine called Spirals Of Silence and if you haven’t had time to do so, the stream is right here for your enjoyment. He’s currently on tour so if he’s dropping through, head out and say hello, bring him a home cooked meal.

November 20… San Diego, CA (Belly Up Tavern) *
November 21… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey Theatre) *
November 22… San Francisco, CA (The Chapel) *

* w/ Noah Gundersen

You can stream it right here by heading to