VIDEO: Adam Reverie’s “Hunger”

Adam Reverie has been a bit busy in the last few months and perhaps this video is a bit of proof of this. “Hunger” is his latest clip, directed by Uprising.TV, which shows how well Mr. TV does things. You are sure to be hearing and seeing more from Reverie, trust me.

AUDIO: Adam Reverie’s “Wanna Be A N***a”

Producer JXHNSCXTT did this one for the awesome Adam Reverie for a song called “Wanna Be A N***a”, explained by Reverie below:

I’ve held on to this record for almost 2yrs, afraid of who it may offend afraid of who it may hurt. But as I wake up a Black man in America, I realize this country hasn’t cared that it has hurt me nor others like me. A country built off the free labor of Blacks, a country we have literally carried on our backs. A country that chooses to appropriate Black culture yet chooses to shy away from Black issues. See to me it seems everyone wants to be Black until it’s time to actually be Black. You know the discrimination, the racism, the prejudice, the injustice. Well this record is for all the innocent Black lives taken by crooked law enforcement, this record is for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this record is for everyone who wants to be a “N***a” without actually being treated like one. This record is for White America and its children who through rap music have adopted “N***a” into their vocabulary, but remain silent when White cops dispose of us “N****s” with violence. This record is for all my Negus who call themselves “N****s”, my brothas this record ain’t just for them.. I also made this record for us..And all who “Wanna Be A N***a”.

FREE MP3 DL: Adam Reverie’s “The WestSide Rev Project”

Adam Reverie photo AdamReverie_old_zpsihxja57k.jpg
With luck, if you spotted his name on my website in the last few months, you listened and said to yourself “I must hear more”. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for that more. Adam Reverie’s new street album is called The WestSide Rev Project and like a bar of Snickers, it’s sure to satisfy with nine songs to choose from. You can download it for free via Soundcloud while supplies last, or use the “name your price” option on Bandcamp and consider showing some support as well.