AUDIO: Flip’s “Reflections”

Taking hip-hop back to the essence is what Flip has done on his new album Reflections, which is out today courtesy of Ill Adrenaline. Some of the people on this includes Pseudo Slang, EDO. G, 14KT, LMNO, Killah Priest, Elzhi, Kev Brown, and many more, so hear these rappers lay gems over the work of an Australian studio wiz. Stream the album in full.


VIDEO: Show & A.G.’s “Walk With Me”

I’m very aware of who Show & AG are, as they both have flavor and are rolling with dwellers and neighbors, I know this. But the press release for their new video had very little information to report. It stated the song is from their Mugshot Music : Preloaded album, the song was produced by Show, written by A.G. Video directed by Ray Ishido & Koss and… that’s it. Oh yeah, you can download Mugshot Music: Preloaded by heading here but that was it. No sense of hype or superhype so… here’s Show & AG and their new video.

AUDIO: Guilty Simpson & Small Professor featuring AG’s “It’s Nuthin'”

“It’s Nuthin'” is not just nuthin’, it’s somethin’. In fact, it’s the second “somethin'” to surface from the forthcoming Guilty Simpson and Small Professor album, Highway Robbery (Neat Goliath/Coalmine) and this “somethin'” features guest AG (as in Showbiz &) dropping a mighty verse that will be talked about a bit.

REVIEW: Kid Tsunami’s “The Chase”

 photo KidTsunami_cover_zps76d0983c.jpg In terms of coming up with an all-star album of rappers, Kid Tsunami’s The Chase (HeadBop) has to be one of the best, although the hip-hop elite might tell you “but wait: these are old school rappers.” As if that’s a bad thing.

The premise of The Chase is that all of the guests on the album are rappers from the 80’s and 90’s, so this is meant to have that old school feel, not only by those who are rhyming, but in the way the instrumentals are made, from well known and worn samples to the productions, where sometimes the horn samples may not be in the same key as the rest of the song. As for those rappers, check out the roster here: Sean Price, Masta Ace, O.C., Prince Po, Bahamadia, AG, Kool G. Rap, Buckshot, Chubb Rock, Pharoahe Monche, Jeru The Damaja, Percee P, El Da Sensei, Craig G., Yesh, J-Live, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, and Sadat X, all delivering fine lines and verses. The one who completely takes the entire album away is the one and only KRS-One, who talks about being in hip-hop for a long time, where hip-hop is from and where it’s going, and why people will still pay for a ticket to hear him speak over funky music. Rap music today may not be where it’s at, but when it comes to KRS-One, it is where it’s at and always will be. When Craig G. makes references to Australia in “Worldwide Connex”, he is referring to Kid Tsunami’s home base in the city of Perth, Western Australia. While most of the MC’s on this album are of American origin, there was a time when hearing their music truly felt worldwide. A small part of me wishes that some of these guys would have rhymed over different styled beats, but I think it would have given the album a bit of an imbalance. Not that Kool G. Rap couldn’t do it, we all remember his verses in UNKLE’s “Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death (Part 1)”, but I think The Chase captures not only a vibe, but a time in history, when going for the paper chase was something you did while making an emphasis to create good music. If the sole hunger is money, the music will suffer, at least to me. Kid Tsunami pulls it off quite well.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Showbiz & AG featuring A Bless’ “Walkin’ On Air”

All you have to do is read the name and it makes you shiver. Yes, new Showbiz & AG. Yes, a track for you to download, for free evens. This one is called “Walkin’ On Air”, which this may very well make you do, and they have A Bless helping them out on this one. Yes, a new track in this case very well means a new album, which will be called Mugshot Music, due out October 9th on DITC Records. It should be noted that Mugshot Music is different than the mixtapes of the same name that have the “Preloaded” subtitle. This new album is cocked, loaded, and ready for a full blast into the ears.

REVIEW: Alterbeats’ “The French Revolution”

Photobucket A hip-hop that begins with anger has a point to make, YOU DON’T COME OFF SLAPPING PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT WITHOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF!!!

Anyway, Alterbeats have released The French Revolution, bringing on a wide range of MC’s to take their music and move it into new places. This includes help from… well, look at all of the people tagged for this review. Chief Kamachi, Murdoc, Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Reef The Lost Cauze, Willie Maze, Halfabrick, Estee Nack, Sadat X. That’s an incredible wealth of artists and artistry on this, and the exchange between each of them with one or another will make you want to buy, hear, and absorb for weeks, months, and years to come.

Is it angry now? Now, this is just what hip-hop is and always will be: a celebration of beats, rhymes & life, without fear.