VIDEO: Koncept & J57 featuring Akie Bermiss’ “The Fuel”

Koncept and J57 have been dropping subtle hits for their forthcoming EP The Fuel but now you get a chance to see the song its name after. The video for the title track features Akie Bermiss and if you’re a fan of his, you’ll know he has worked with J57 before. Director Jon Kilmer put this together for everyone and it’s a nice effort.

VIDEO: Blame One & J57 featuring Akie Bermiss’ “How Much Time’s Left”

In our existence, we do not know how much time we have left in this world. As Prince once said, things are much harder than in the perceived afterworld, so we must do what we can to remain sane from conception to completion. Blame One and J57 decided to put that into song with “How Much Time’s Left”, and by bringing in Akie Mermiss into the mix, it helps them to convey the message they’re trying to get across. This is a great song, all of hip-hop should salute this, which comes from the Walk In The Sun album.

RECORD CRACK: Orange is the new wax for Blame One & J57 LP

 photo BlameoneJ57WITS_cover_zpsf343ee39.jpg
Walk In The Sun is the album by Blame One and J57 that will be released on August 27th, and apart from being able to pre-order it digitally (which you may do below via Amazon), the album will be pressed on vinyl for all to have and hear. The 2-record set will be on orange vinyl in relation to the cover art, and come with download code so you may have the album in digital form. Pre-orders for those can be made through

For the time being, Blame One and J57 have shared another song from the album, this one with Akie Mermiss, and it’s called “How Much Time’s Left”

VIDEO: Blame One & J57 featuring Akie Bermiss’ “They Don’t Know”

If hip-hop is a music for the youth, there still has to be a bit of proper guidance so they’ll know and understand why, and that it’s more than just a thrill ride for them. “They Don’t Know” could be that song, and it comes from Blame One and J57, who bring in Akie Bermiss to explain. the track is from the forthcoming Walk In The Sun album on Soulspazm, which you may pre-order from iTunes by clicking here. “They Don’t Know” can be purchased as a single (including the instrumental mix) by clicking the Amazon box below (or heading here if the box is not available.)