VIDEO: Allegaeon’s “All Hail Science”

Metal Blade Records has another rager in their hands and this one is by the band Allegaeon. “All Hail Science” is from the band’s Proponent for Sentience and this one will make you want to open up your flesh, including your abdomens, and make you spill it all over the stage or anywhere you feel the most comfortable. The album will be out on September 23rd, pre-order it below via

VIDEO: Allegaeon’s “Threshold Of Perception”

Allegaeon are out with the Elements Of The Infinite album on Metal Blade and from it they made a video with Ezra Haynes for the song “Threshold Of Perception”. Parts of it may seem silly and out of place at first but listen to the song as well. Pay attention to the sound. Then laugh later.


VIDEO: Allegaeon’s “Our Cosmic Casket”

Elements Of The Infinite (Metal Blade) is the album Allegaeon created, and it’s also the album where “Our Cosmic Casket” comes from. Their style of death metal has been soothing for fans for the last six years. The new album will be out on Tuesda so play the video, thrash out like crazy, then buy the album digitally or at your trusty record emporium.


VIDEO: Allegaeon “1.618”

Elements Of The Infinite is the forthcoming Metal Blade album from Allegaeon and for this video, they decide to add a bit of humor to their brutal techniques. “1.618” will allow you to go into adventures of the hilarious, at least if you understand what they’re trying to touch on.

Elements Of The Infinite will be released on June 24th.