AUDIO: Allen Poe’s “Still Eatin'”

Allen Poe takes his new track to the “Whipping Post” because sometimes if you feel like you’re dying, you may want to get there despite how you’re feeling. The song is called “Still Eatin'”. the title track of a forthcoming EP he did with producer Deejay Element. That’ll drop next week Tuesday (June 9th).

AUDIO: Allen Poe’s “Dream Woke”

A little over a month ago, Allen Poe released a video for a song to appear on his forthcoming album. That album is now just around the corner for release on October 16th, and is called How Gardens Grow. Today, he offers a new song from it called “Dream Woke”, produced by PJ Katz. With the samples now available, you can now remember to get the album when makes it available.

VIDEO: Allen Poe featuring Jalin Roze’s “Sundazed”

Allen Poe – Sundazed feat. Jalin Roze from Kogan Dumb on Vimeo.

Allen Poe is ready to come out with a new album this autumn called How Gardens Grow and he is releasing one song for the time being to let you know how one of the gardens can and does grow, in the form of “Sundazed”. He has Jalin Roze in assistance, so press play and get mutual with the sound.

FREE MP3 DL: Allen Poe’s “Don’t Delay It”
Don’t display it.

Don’t filet it.

Don’t spray it.

Allen Poe is telling you and everyone within his speaking vicinity “Don’t Delay It” but what is it? It’s it! What is it? He lays it on you all in his new cut, and you’re able to download the song and take it with you, wherever you go. The song is the second single from his forthcoming album How Gardens Grow, to be released in the forthcoming season, so don’t delay it.

VIDEO: Allen Poe’s “Know What I Got”

Allen Poe has created another video for his Pocket Full Of Ohms album, this one produced by J57 called “Know What I Got”. If you don’t know what Allen Poe has yet, go get it. That last sentence also has a double meaning, a way to say “if you haven’t heard the new album yet, then go get it.”

VIDEO: Allen Poe’s “Live From The Pub”

A song that is perfect for all B-Boy and B-Girl gatherings, or should be, it’s called “Live From The Pub”, where Allen Poe proceeds to rhyme while people breakdance over abandoned cardboard boxes under highways for the sake of getting down in the concrete jungle. In the video, Allen Poe raps in a very low-key fashion, but it’s about the listening, that’s most important. Maybe that’s how they do it in Kentucky, I do not know. Listen and learn. The song is from his Pocket Full of Ohms album, which you may download below

AUDIO: Allen Poe featuring yU’s “Prescience”

 photo AllenPoe_cover_zps8febeb4f.jpg
Allen Poe is exactly 33.3% of Basement Up, a hip-hop crew out of Frankfort, Kentucky and now he’s stepping out for a moment to show what he is about with the LoFidel-produced “Prescience”, and helping him out on his mission is yU. The song is a part of Allen Poe’s Pocket Full of Ohms, a street album that will be released next week and be made available for free.

FREE MP3 DL: Allen Poe’s “Know What I’ve Got”

 photo AllenPoe_cover_zpsc030c286.jpg
Pocket Full Of Ohms is the forthcoming album (his third) from rapper Allen Poe, and as a means to let everyone know about this new effort, he was able to get a chance to work with producer J57. You want to know what Allen Poe got? You want to know what J57 is putting into this, you want to know what he got? They got the goods, and they share some of that with everyone in a song called “Know What I’ve Got” and now that you know, do something about it (but make sure that something is good.)