FREE MP3 DL: Ambassadeurs’ “From You”

Ambassadeurs may sound like a group or a duo but in this case, “they” are one man and one man only. He is about to release his 3-song EP Forever, which will lead to a tour of the UK and Europe along with artists Lindsay Lowend, DJ Paypal, Craft Spells, Slow Magic, and Odesza. For the time being, you may listen to a third from Forever with the eloquent “From You”, available here for free while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Ambassadeurs’ “All I Want Is U”

Within the first two seconds, you know that “All I Want Is U” is a song that is meant to make you moist but all of a sudden the tempo is at double speed, a full on dance track that is partly intense. You can continue to make the song sensual so that it messes with all of your senses, so make sure it continues to draw out the wetness in all of us.

FREE MP3 DL: Ambassadeurs’ “Do U Right”

Electronic music is far from dead. No sir or madam, it is not, and Ambassadeurs is going to let you know how with his (yes, Ambassadeurs is one man) moving efforts in musical creativity. If you’ve heard him before, you may not have heard this brand new one just yet, so listen to “Do U Right” and hear how he would like to do you. Right. Right now. I hope this will develop into something much more in the next five years.

FREE MP3 DL: Ambassadeurs’ “Rain”

The Beatles once said “when the rain comes, they run and hide their heads” but you do not have to run or hide from this new song by Ambassadeurs. Ambassadeurs are not a band but is a London man (Mark Dobson) whose electronic music will be further explored later this summer when a debut album is ready for release. He released a small handful of EP’s in 2013 and things are going to heat up with the full length but until then, have a small bit of the length with this song.