AUDIO: Fungi From Yuggoth/Liturgia Maleficarum split c-60

For fans of ambient, industrial, and all out “out there” music, you’ll want to pick up a new split cassette by Liturgia Maleficarum and Fungi From Yuggoth. Fungi From Yuggoth is described as “raw and primitive ritual industrial, in the vein of early Current 93, Ain Soph, Zero Kama” while Liturgia Maleficarum is “blackened doom ambient noise, hellish screams, dissonant riffs (with) haunting synth lines.” Both offer five songs each, and if their descritions may sound a bit perplexing, you are able to stream it all for free, no cost to you. If you’re into it, purchase the cassette (only 47 copies made) or the digital files.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “The Road Less Traveled”
Drew Miller is back with a new album under his Brother Saturn identity and like his previous works, this one is intense in its own way. Don’t let that be a reason to not want to listen to The Road Less Traveled, as the means to listen is free. On top of that, downloading the album is also free but please use the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

VIDEO: Noveller’s “Pulse Point”

Noveller photo Noveller_oldM_zpswcyftjqy.jpg
Noveller has worked once more with director Matt Kleiner for a video project, their third together, so take a look at “Pulse Point”. The song is from her latest album Fantastic Planet (Fire). As Noveller, Austin-based Sarah Lipstate will be heading to Europe in a few weeks for a tour, which will include some music festivals.

11 September… Santiago, Spain (WOS INC)
12 September… Castellón, Spain (Now)
13 September… Barcelona, Spain
15 September… Bayonne, France (L’Atalante)
16 September… Bilbao, Spain (La Ribera)
18 September…Angers, France (Levitation Psych Fest)
19 September… Porto, Portugal (Amplificassom Festival)
20 September… Tilburg, Netherlands (Incubate Festival)
21 September… Hamburg, Germany (Übel & Gefährlich)
22 September… Berlin, Germany (NK)
23 September… Darmstadt, Germany (Oettinger Villa)
24 September… Leiden, Netherlands , (Gebr. de Nobel)
25 September… London, UK (The Shacklewell Arms) @
26 September… Liverpool, UK , (Liverpool Psych Fest)
27 September… North York Moors, UK (Band Room_
28 September… Edinburgh, Scotland (Electric Circus)
29 September… Glasgow, Scotland (The Glad Café)
30 September… Cardiff, Wales, ( Clwb lfor Bach)
1 October… Brighton, UK (The Hope And Ruin)
2 October… Antwerp, Belgium (Het Bos)
3 October… Essen, Germany (Denovali Swingfest
4 October… Dijon, France (Le Consortium)

@ = w/ Indian Jewelry

AUDIO: The Northern Hemisphere’s “A Walk In The Park”

Drew Miller is back with something new under one of my favorite nom de plumes, The Northern Hemisphere. He may have some new music just around the corner, could be under this name or a few more so as always, stay tuned but for now, have a listen to how is to take “A Walk In The Park”.

SOME STUFFS: Kurz Konflikt turns Japanese on new album
Reiko – Geisha From Hell! is a new release by Kurz Konflikt that sounds like someone threw together sounds from random records and cassettes, then said “this is what I’m going to give you” and what does it sound like? You may hear a bit of Japanese lounge music, mixed in with something erotic or seductive but mixed in with random spurts of noise and you’re not sure if you should listen with pleasure or a different emotion. It’s scattered and is meant to be listened to with a good amount of concentration, but in between the chaos are burts of easy listening, exotica, and perhaps something else with the letter “E”. If you like what you hear, it will be pressed on cassette but only 100 copies are being made.

REVIEW: Bvdub’s “A Step in the Dark”

Bvdub photo bvdub2015_cover2_zpsgz8ufayl.jpg A Step In The Dark (AY) is the new album by Brock Van Wey, this time under his “normal” moniker, Bvdub, but where is he at this time? His music is pretty much more of the same, where he’ll carry the listener into a zone and keep you there in a repetitive yet meditative state, feeling lost in the emotions he is creating but being elegant in how he does it. Some of the elements in this song could be considered electronic easy listening, but then again he has never hesitated to step into that relaxed state and allow himself to play in that style of creaminess. I enjoy how he’ll take a line or quote someone sings and just make that the melody for a healthy portion of the song. On this 78 minute album, six of the seven songs carry you over the ten minute mark so he holds himself in what he is known for, making it feel as if you are enjoying the ripple effect. It’s the ripples that you look forward to, to find out if you should go deeper or remain on the surface. The repetition of his minimalism is quite seductive, which continues to keep people lost in the eternal musical ripples that help him who he continues to be.


SOME STUFFS: Drew Miller releases two brand new albums

You may not know Colorado musician Drew Miller just yet but if you’ve been keeping track of my website for the las few year years, you have seen projects by The Northern Hemisphere, Aywazlawst, Brother Saturn, and Chromadrift. Two new albums have been released, thsi time by The Northern Hemisphere and Chromadrift.

The album by The Northern Hemisphere is called We Were Stranded On An Island and while I like it when he releases EP’s every few months, the album experience is much more exciting. Have a listen.

For his album as Chromadrift, check out Another Cold Universe. Listen to them as you want, you may hear some kind of continuity between all of them, or you may hear them individually as their own masterpieces, or just listen for the sake of experiencing new sounds from the man. CHeck out Another Cold Universe below.

Both albums are available for free but if you are really into what Miller offers, show some support or maybe even better, if you’re a movie or video director and want to collaborate with him for a future project, get in contact with him, he’s on both Twitter and Facebook.

FREE DL: Chromadrift’s “Europa Mission” (EP)

Newly released today is another project from Drew Miller, this time under the name Chromadrift and this time an EP with the title Europa Mission. Five songs in total, which includes a 13-minute closing track called “Night Terrors”, which is sure not to scare you (unless you’re determined to be scared) but it is meant to make you think, which is pretty much what his music is always about. You were able to preview “Night Terrors” here and now you can hear and download the project in full.

AUDIO: Chromadrift’s “Night Terrors”

Drew Miller surfaces once more as Chromadrift for another tranquil song into the mental and social unknown, but by the end, it will become familiar/known. You must make it through the “Night Terrors” and endure, which you will. His music should be used for films and turned into thorough soundtracks.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “Tales of Space Exploration 25 – 34
The experience of Brother Saturn has returned once more, this time with a very nice 10-song album called Tales of Space Exploration 25 – 34, a continuation of the creations he has made this year and previous years. Where Drew Miller will take off to next is always unknown, but it’s best to stay for the ride and discover with everyone else where his journey will lead to.