FREE DL: L’Orange’s “After The Flowers” (EP)
L’Orange not only has free music for you in the form of an extended play, but the EP is being distributed as a free item. Yes, it’s free of charge so have a listen to After The Flowers, which features help from Blame One, Amerigo Gazaway, Chuck Inglish, Red Pill. Xiomara, Billy Woods, Meyhem Lauren, and Johaz.

FREE DL: Amerigo Gazaway’s “The Big Payback Volume 3: J​.​B. & The Soul Mates”
Amerigo Gazaway has a way of getting the flavor out of the deepness of music, and he has done it once again by turning James Brown’s music inside out and creating The Big Payback Volume 3: J​.​B. & The Soul Mates, merging JB with Fela Kuti, Jeru The Damaja, Bob Marley, Busta Rhymes, Biggie Smalls Mobb Deep, Michael Jackson, and others. This one is a freebie, so stream and listen, then get to downloading.

FREE DL: Yasiin Gaye’s “Travellin’ Man Pt. II (Distant Lovers Mix)”
Two powers of music are brought together for a new mix of “Travellin’ Man Part II”, so now you can hear Marvin Gaye join Yasiin Bey (the man who may also know as Mos Def) in this very cool Distant Lovers mix by Amerigo Gazaway. On top of that, you also get the instrumental mix too.

FREE DL: Yasiin Gaye’s “Inner City Travellin’ Man'”

 photo YasiinGaye_cover_zps241e2165.jpg
You see the two individuals on the picture sleeve above and are probably thinking “what is Mos/Yasiin doing with Marvin Gaye?” They have been merged together by Amerigo Gazaway in a track called “Inner City Travellin’ Man'”, so if you ever wanted to know how these two guys would have made you holler, your dream is about to come true. Not only that, but you’re able to download the instrumental for it too.

AUDIO: Amerigo Gazaway’s “A Very Crunked Up Christmas”

 photo AmerigoCrunk_coverFIX_zps00e7f0b0.jpg
Back in the scene for cheen is Amerigo Gazaway, who has created a timely mix of holiday songs called A Very Crunked Up Christmas, which you may stream in your car, your back room, or doing a dookie session. Make it work for you. (If you wish to download it, head to


A Very Crunked Up Christmas by Amerigo Gazaway on Mixcloud

FREE DL: Otis Redding/Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg (Gummy Soul Remix)”

 photo OtisBigBoi_cover_zps84cbf05d.jpg
Amerigo Gazaway got in trouble for his ATCQ/Pharcyde project, but it doesn’t mean he has stopped or is slowing down. The man has a new morsel to share, this one bringing together Otis Redding and Big Boi for a magical duet called “Shutterbugg”. Grab it before it is unlawful to listen to.

SOME STUFFS: Amerigo Gazaway’s “Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde” mix pulled back by Sony

 photo Amerigo_cover2a_zpsc84ccc20.jpg
Seven months ago, Amerigo Gazaway presented his mix album Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde as a means to show his respect to A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcude, and did so by posting it on Bandcamp for free. In fact, I had made it my Bandcamp Suggestion on November 4th. This week, Sony made not a request, but a demand to “cease and desist” the recording in question because they own the rights to the material by A Tribe Called Quest. Sony has claimed copyright infringement, and if the recordings were not taken down, it was possible that the parties involved would face “further litigation for damages”. Damages: for a free album, right? Well, the means of copyrights and intellectual property involves a number of sticky situations.

The album was released through Gummy Soul Records, who had this to say about the ordeal:
Though we are confident that our work falls under “fair use” as defined by the Copyright Act of 1976, (something we explain further in our open letter response , we cannot afford to take on a Goliath like Sony Music. Due to the sheer amount of samples required to create this project, it would be impossible for a label of our size to release Bizarre Tribe through traditional means. Although Bizarre Tribe has always been available for free, Sony is demanding our immediate compliance.

If you would like to read the full response from Gummy Soul to Sony, you may click here. If you’d like to know how to spread the word about this, head to on how you may assist.

MY OPINION: The songs in this mix/album were released for the sole purpose of being free. They were not meant to exploit or damage the reputations of Sony or A Tribe Called Quest, or the reputations of Delicious Vinyl and The Pharcyde. It was meant to be a celebration of music by creating music that is a recreation. Even though Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde has been pulled from Bandcamp, that alone does not stop the circulation of the mix. If music fans know where to go, they will be able to obtain it through other means, so how exactly does one stop the flow of this album through “unofficial means”? I think it would have been more beneficial if Sony chose to work with Gummy Soul and Amerigo Gazaway and somehow prosper from it: use the mixes in TV shows or commercials, or in a film. In the end, this will only help to focus on future works from Amerigo Gazaway, and perhaps he can benefit from creating exclusive mixes in an official manner.