VIDEO: Amplify Dot featuring Busta Rhymes’ “I’m Good”

You have allowed the new song by Amplify Dot to simmer in your noggin, now you’ll get a chance to see how it excites your visuals. It’s for the song “I’m Good”, and while Busta Rhymes doesn’t appear in the video, his verse is a big part of the song. Dot is carrying the sound system on her bike, how you like her now?

AUDIO: Amplify Dot featuring Busta Rhymes’ “I’m Good”

 photo AmplifyDotIG_cover_zps492e8af3.jpg
British as fuck, and proud, Amplify Dot is back with a very hot track, and she brings in Busta Rhymes into the lair. Reason? She’s good, and they both express themselves in “I’m Good”. Bank on this one.