REVIEW: Analog’s “Arrow Of God”

 photo Analog_cover_zpsff63158e.jpg Arrow Of God is an album by Preach Jacobs and Dose that sounds like it would have been released between 1991-1993 and managed to have a massive following in a few regions, making them cherished songs that would become classics for a generation or two. Performing together as Analog, Preach and Jacobs and Dose make music that sounds classic due to the samples within the production and rhyming flows that are strong but not egotistical. Preach tells stories with a beginning and end, and what you want to hold on to is the essence of what is in the middle. It reminds me of the kind of music you might expect from people like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Rakaa, Soup, and early Black Eyed Peas, back when was more about lyricism and less about winning a Grammy. In fact, what I like about this album is that it sounds like it is of another time, not quite fitting of the now and yet it needs to be heard during this struggling musical time. If people don’t get this in a modern context, there will be an audience in twenty years who will say “I can’t believe Preach Jacobs and Dose existed back then, considering the other junk that was getting a free pass.” If this is the kind of music meant to, as the lyrics say in “Black Radio”, stay underground, may the underground continue you to rock well.

AUDIO: Analog (Preach Jacobs & Dose)’s “Bet You Didn’t Know That”

If you’ve been waiting for new music from the Preach Jacobs and Dose collabrative project known as Analog, wait no more. “Bet You Didn’t Know That” is from their forthcoming album Arrow of God, which will be released on 12/12/12. That means of course you have to wait to hear it in full, but you can listen to one song immediately. As in now. Go ahead. I highly look forward to hearing the rest of it.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Analog’s “Baptized”

Preach Jacobs and Dose are working together as Analog, and on top of the new year they are offering a sliver of what’s to come in 2012. It’s a track called “Baptized”, and after hearing this you may feel healed as well. I really like what’s going on here, and I welcome new music that’s this good. You can download the song for free by clicking the player below. If the player is not being shown, you can click here or here as well.

VIDEO: 8-bit analog recording using an old 3.5 diskette

Now this is a trip. Thrift stores are piling up with old 3.5 diskettes that no one uses. You’re either using CD-R’s, DVD-R’s, thumbdrives, or external hard drives. The 3.5 diskette is a thing of the past although it served all of our 1.44mb and under needs.

Jeri Ellsworth is a self-taught computer chip designer, and according to her Wikipedia entry, an avid fan of pinball. She is known for taking old media and adapting it into something new, and in this case she uses a diskette to record sounds in an analog fashion. It may be only 15 seconds, and as you’ll see, it creates a kind of reverb that is similar to records that are mastered badly, but it does open up a lot of potential for what could be a cool audio toy for DJ’s and producers.

This is part of a great online show called The Fat Man and Circuit Girl, where she co-hosts the show with George Sanger. If you are a fan of technology, hacks, and using the old and discarded to create something new, I highly recommend this show.

(I should give credit where it is due, I was doing a search for 8-bit music and came across an entry at, and it is where I found this video.)