SOME STUFFS: Ancient Sky allow access into their “Wishing Well”

 photo AngelSky_old_zps544036b3.jpg
As the band boost up awareness of their All Get Out album on Wharf Cat, Ancient Sky of Brooklyn, New York are doing so by letting everyone know that “Wishing Well” is one of the songs from it. The album will be out two Tuesdays from now, which means November 12th for those who do not have calendar access.

SOME STUFFS: Ancient Sky share a modern try with a little help from a “Master Cleanse”

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Wharf Cat Records is the label that will be responsible for the release of Ancient Sky’s album, All Get Out. They have set up a time on November 12th for its public release, but you know how those damn leak masters are, trying to obtain albums and trying to release them before the official date. For now, though, everyone involved is sharing a song from said album so you can become familiar with them and what the album may be like. The song is called “Master Cleanse”, and it doesn’t involve having to go into Walgreen’s and finding the special aisle for a box you fear taking to the cashier. It’s just a song, and you don’t have to call into work the next morning for a “recovery session”. Just listen.