VIDEO: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra featuring Angelo Moore’s “All Good Ska Is One”

This song came out earlier this year, but I was not aware of it until today. With some of the attention Fishbone has had as of late, with the documentary film making the rounds and a 26 year old song being used a politician on a late-night talk show, it’s a perfect time to get reintroduced to the power of Fishbone or get yourself familiar.

Japan has had a love for ska and reggae for years, and if you close your eyes and listened to this song, you’d think you were listening to ska pioneers and not someone called the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. While Moore does not appear in the video, his presence is in the music and it would be cool if they were able to do a second video and bring him in. Nonetheless, here they are. The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra did pay a visit to Mexico on this video, they could’ve driven up and looked for Moore. Or maybe they were looking for Moore in Baja California.

SOME STUFFS: Artists take part to present their art to the public

You probably recognize some of the faces above, and by doing so you know their artistic endeavors when it comes to music, but you may not be aware that they also do other forms of art as well. Come Together is a forthcoming “collaborative art” exhibit where people known for their illustrations, photography, and paintings are working with musicians, MC’s, DJ’s, and producers to create revisions of the familiar.

Some of the people involved include Chuck D. of Public Enemy, guitarist George Lynch of Dokken/Lynch Mob/Souls Of We, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan/Gravediggaz, bassist Bootsy Collins (P-Funk empire), drummer Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver), turntablist DJ-Q-Bert, bassist Shavo Odadjian (System Of A Down), and many more. Some of them are explorations of each musician or songs that they’ve done, while others are relevant to what they may have talked about in their music before, but may be more valid today. Art of art from art, for art.

These pieces are being presented at the Andrew Weiss Gallery in Beverly Hills (179 S. Beverly Dr., 310-246-9333) from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm, and will continue until November 1st. To find out more about the Come Together exhibit, head to

The art pieces will be compiled into a book to be published in the fall by Addition Iconics.

SOME STUFFS: Original Fishbone lineup to reunite? For a Pepsi… almost

Well, it may not be the long awaited reunion of the original 6-man line up of Fishbone, but it’s the first time in years that people have seen Christopher Dowd on stage along with Angelo Moore, Norwood Fisher and Walter Kibby. I am talking about a new Pepsi commercial that is airing now, highlighting the brand new logo (which I don’t like, looks like a smirk, or The Partridge Family partridge) for the soft drink company, which you can see above. While the Fishbone footage in the commercial is extremely brief, you can see photos of the shoot over at Fishbone Live. I myself have been a Fishbone fan for 24 years but never saw them live other than on video and television. Yes, that is a crime in itself, but if the original line-up ever reunites, I will have to find a way to go. Fish, Kendall, please phone home.