REVIEW: Corina Corina’s “Come Again” (EP)

Corina Corina photo Corinax2CA_cover_zps2554b0e6.jpg It is nice when an artist uses continuity between songs and projects. Case in point: the new EP by Corina Corina is called Come Again, which features remixes of songs from her album, The Eargasm. In other words, if you were able to obtain pleasure with the album, you may be able to have it again with revisions of the familiar.

The EP features remixes by Deto-22, Willie Green, and Fancois Merryweather, each one enhancing the groove of Corina Corina’s voice and the original mixes. One of the benefits of this EP is that it gives a chance for these songs to be more concentrated, sometimes with slight editing and arrangements, and by Corina Corina herself to be placed in a different musical template, it may offer a chance for her to be heard in a way that may have been overlooked. Come Again could have easily been turned into a full length album but for now, consider this a temporary stop before she moves towards her next project.

FREE DL: Willie Green featuring Angi3 & BS’ “Fast Lane”

Willie Green photo WillieGreenFL_cover2_zps9c2c0bcc.jpg
Willie Green will be working with Fake Four Inc. for his forthcoming album We Live In The Future, and on March 20th you will be able to hear the latest project from one of the best producers out there today. Check out what he has been up to as of late with “Fast Late”, featuring Angi3 and BS.