REVIEW: Demigodz’s “KILLmatic”

Demigodz photo Demigodz_cover_zps0415499b.jpg “Ass and cigarettes” is not what this album smells like, far from it, but as they say, the Demigodz is back. Apathy and Celph Titled have gathered once more to create an album that is the definition of a “banger”, and KILLmatic (self-titled) is something that must be heard for those who understand what quality hip-hop sounds and feels like.

The production on this album is incredibly solid with the kind of samples that’ll make you go “oh wait, you can flip this to make it sound like that?” It has that nice feel of mid to late 90’s hip-hop where it felt like every song had the potential to
be the last song you ever heard, but the truth was that these songs became “the truth” and tracks like “Never Take Me Out”, “Dead In The Middle”, “Caveman”, and “Dumb High” stand out as potential classics-to-be. Lyrically, all egos on this album are flying high, and with assistance from RA The Rugged Man, Panchi, Planetary and Ryu among many, they are having a great time shooting lines, verses, and punch lines. There will be lines that come off incredibly offensive, but these guys could care less.

The best guest verse on this, however, goes to Eternia in “Can’t Fool Me”, and as the song goes on its merry, laid back pace, she comes into the track and graces it with an incredible eight-line verse before moving away. As I heard this, I had wanted to hear another eight, or a full track from her. New album Eternia, please!

KILLmatic may very well be an updated, in title at least, to Illmatic and may be sonically based on the Nas album of the same name, but Apathy and Celph Titled are out for the kill and they are throwing machetes to those who feel they shouldn’t be making music this way. As the sample in “Tomax & Xamot” says, the science of the future is in their hands, and that’s a good thing.

REVIEW: Apathy’s “Honkey Kong”

Photobucket It takes balls to call your album Honkey Kong, but when you’re able to poke fun at yourself while making music that will kill you like a gorilla attack, you can give your album any title you feel is right. In a video interview, Apathy called himself a “big white gorilla motherfucker”, and I think he does this to focus on the obvious. Now that you seen him, are you ready to get what you’ll get from his music? Anyone who loves good quality rap, one that involves well written stories and not just simple one-liners (although he does this well too), will love the music offered on Honkey Kong, and as far as being attacked like a gorilla, some of his best lines will remind you of the first time you heard people like Big Pun, Chino XL, or Bahamadia. Yes, each of them are very different from each other, but their best qualities can be heard in Apathy, leaving the listener little time to catch their breath.

Musically, he rhymes over some of the nicest hardest beats around, whether it may be that cool, laid back old school funk or something you’d expect to hear on an Xzibit record, and hey, Xzibit can be heard in “The Recipe”. It’s very much in the mid to late 90’s vibe, a nice ruthless vibe of “every man for himself, but in a one-for-all fashion” that made a lot of music from that era so great, but still sounding ready for any and all who dare come up and try to challenge his style. What is his style? You have to listen for yourself, but it’s a style that’s nice and one I’ve always appreciated, especially when… I was going to say “done right” but more like “when it feels right”. I don’t have to question anything, and I think when fans hear and believe this as well, they’ll want to hear more.

(Honkey Kong will be released on August 23rd.)

SOME STUFFS: Would you snuggle with Apathy?

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For his second album, Apathy is bringing together Mike Shinoda, Blue Raspberry, Phonte Coleman, B-Real, Celph Titled, Chip Fu and many others for the curiously titled Wanna Snuggle?, scheduled for release on October 6th through Demigodz.

While it may be his second album, Apathy has appeared on a number of mix tapes and compilations, so if you’re unfamiliar with him, look for his previous works.