VIDEO: Rapper Big Pooh’s “Augmentation”

Nine songs are what rapper Rapper Big Pooh will be giving you on his soon-to-come EP aclled Words Paint Pictures and the song he’d like to share with you now is for “Augmentation”, produced by Apollo Brown and directed by Jay Brown while hanging out in Detroit. The album will be out on March 24th.

VIDEO: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ “How To Kill God”

If you ever had the urge to kill God, now is your chance. Or at least to find out what Apollo Brown and Ras Kass had in mind when they put together the song “How To Kill God”, shot in Detroit with director Jay Brown. You can still download in full by clicking here. The song is from their Mello Music Group album Blasphemy.

FREE DL: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ “How To Kill God”

 photo ApolloRas_old_zps7c3e3130.jpg
Apollo Brown and Ras Kass want to know “How To Kill God” and while that may put people into a furor, there’s a reason why they titled the song this way. You’ll have to listen as to why, the death of a concept and if the concept doesn’t exist, what does that mean to the world? That may or may not be part of the concept of the song. Listen to it for yourself, courtesy of Mello Music Group.

FREE DL: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass featuring Royce Da 5’9″, Xzibit & Bishop Lamont’s “Giraffe Pussy”
If hip-hop were on bath salts, what would it sound like? It may look like “Giraffe Pussy, but what would that sound like? What would that look like? Apollo Brown and Ras Kass figured it out, and were able to get Royce Da 5’9”, Xzibit and Bishop Lamont to be sure that the feeling was somehow mutual. The song is from Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ album Blasphemy, and you’re getting a chance to download the song, free of charge.

VIDEO: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ “Humble Pi”

At the top of the month, I presented you a song from a forthcoming collaborative album by Apollo Brown and Ras Kass called Blasphemy (Mello Music Group), coming out on Mp3 and CD October 28th, while the vinyl pressing will surface on November 11th (you may pre-order your copy (on red, white & blue vinyl) by heading here, or go there to have the LP in standard black (180g).) The two men and the label decided to reveal another track, complimented with a video. Check out “Humble Pi” and see where these two will take you.

AUDIO: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass featuring Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience’s “H20”

Look at the names and you are bound to be impressed:
Apollo Brown
Ras Kass
Pharoahe Monch
Rakaa Iriscience

That’s the cool chief Rakaa right here. The song is called “H20”, and will appear on the forthcoming Apollo Brown & Ras Kass album on Mello Music Group called Blasphemy so you know if the song here is this good, the album has to be exceptional, which will be released on MP3 and CD on October 28th. For the vinyl pressing, , which will be out on November 11th, you may pre-order your copy (on red, white & blue vinyl) by heading here, or go there to have the LP in standard black (180g).

SOME STUFFS: Ugly Heroes return with a new EP

Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill released a joint album last year as Ugly Heroes, and in 2014 they are returning once again, this time with an EP. The 5-song release will be out on August 19th, which will follow with a European tour but right now, listen to a song from the forthcoming EP called “Naysayers & Playmakers”. Mello Music Group will be releasing the EP on vinyl before the end of the year.

VIDEO: Apollo Brown featuring Quelle Chris, Ras Kass, yU, Has-Lo & Cavalier’s “Cellophane Cypher”

As a candy bar once said, two great things can definitely taste great together, but what happens if it pertains to rappers and it’s a combination of three rappers? How about four? Now let’s make it five, could you handle it? You have to, as Apollo Brown has given a “Cellophane Cypher”, where he wheels up Ras Kass, yU, Cavalier, Quelle Chris, and Has-Lo for an intense song for all senses.

FREE DL: Apollo Brown featuring Roc Marciano’s “Lonely & Cold”
The cover looks cinematic with its ode to an old soundtrack album, but Apollo Brown is able and capable of making that possible without myths or false promotion. “Lonely & Cold” is something that will appear on Apollo Brown’s new album Thirty Eight and to promote it, he obtained Roc Marciano to drop wisdom and vocal duties so have a listen, then a seat, and then enjoy.