AUDIO: Apontay’s “Got It For Me”

Apontay photo Apontay_old_zps8fxv59ye.jpg
“Got It For Me” is a new track by Apontay, which will be on his forthcoming project called #EastNewYorksOwn, so get ready for the blast of an avalanche. The song was produced by Lee On The Beats.

FREE MP3 DL: Apontay’s “This Could Be Us (Freestyle)”

Apontay is in no relation to Phonte (Coleman) but he does have something to say today. That’s a rhyme, by the way, which continues okay? See how that…

Anyway, Apontay has done a freestyle track called “This Could Be Us” but is he playing? No sir or madam, he is not, but he may end up playing your mind, or at least having it rent free if you end up liking it. So… like. Download it for free, while supplies last.