RECORD CRACK: Arab On Radar new record comes in metal picture sleeve

Arab On Radar photo ArabOnRadar_PS_zpsbnxrczs2.jpg
The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions is a new 7″ from Arab On Radar and if you are someone who feels record labels are getting more adventurous than ever with new releases, you’ll want to know about this one. It’s a screen-printed version that will be available in both aluminum and copper sleeves, which means it’s more than just getting aluminum foil and pressing it on your records. For the record (literally), the copper version is already sold out but you had to rush on obtaining it, as only 22 copies were made. True to the name, the songs on the 7″ are from the sessions that gave us The Yahweh Or The Highway album.

You’ll also be able to get this record with a CD as the “Ultimate Edition”, featuring all of the songs on the 7″ plus their Yahweh Or The Highway album. For more information on what’s on there, head over to Skin Graft Records.