AUDIO: Art Of Burning Water’s “At The Hands Of Them”

On its way to you on October 27th is a new album (their fifth) by Art Of Burning Water, a band who mix up different textures of metal with doses of hardcore and punk to create something that’s on the level of Buzzov•en, Eyehategod, Cro-Mags, Anthrax, Crowbar, and Alice In Chains. Enough comparisons, the album is called Living Is For Giving, Dying Is For Getting and you may listen to a heavy three minute dose in the form of “At The Hands Of Them”. The album can be pre-ordered through Riot Reason Records and will be available on vinyl, only 300 copies are being made.

RECORD CRACK: Art Of Burning Water press up 7″ EP

 photo ArtOfBW_cover_zps3b0a9c3e.jpg
The Humiliation Process (Dead Chemists/Swarm Of Nails) is a new 5-song 7″ EP by the UK’s Art Of Burning Water. The record’s longest song is just under two minutes, with such titles as “Pedro More Or Less”, “We Have No Friends”, and “Posh Cunt Takeover”, so if you’re a fan of hardcore punk with a bit of metal riffage thrown in and an edginess that will make them worthy of multiple listens, you’ll want to check these guys out. You can stream the 7″ in full below via Bandcamp and if you like it, you may purchase the 7″ here.

RECORD CRACK: Pre-orders being taken for Art Of Burning Water LP

Art Of Burning Water
This Disgrace is the new album by sludge/noise metal monarchs Art Of Burning Water and is a split release between the SuperFi Recordings and Swarm Of Nails labels, with each label getting 150 copies each to sell. To hear what they’re about, check out the Bandcamp player below. To pre-order your record (which comes with free code to download the album as MP3’s), head on over to RiotSeason.