BOOK’S FOODIE: The Double Dutch Cooking Show featuring Asher Roth (from Maker Music)

The latest installment of The Double Dutch Cooking Show welcomes in special guest Asher Roth, where he and the hosts talk about new music while brownie cakes are made. Sounds good? Excellent. While you’re assembling the ingredients to make the brownie cakes, also pick up RetroHash, which was released yesterday.

SOME STUFFS: Asher Roth gets Pabst and heads on the road

Asher Roth isn’t just working endlessly, he’s a pee bucket. Check this out: his new album is called The Pabst & Jazz Sessions, featuring his collaborations with Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, and Blended Babies and he’s releasing a new song each day in the form of the goofy term “leaks”. The full album will be released next week Tuesday (December 20th), but you’ll be able to extract megabytes through his means of digital speaking.

Roth will be going on tour starting this weekend, bringing with him a live band and a few DJ’s. His proceeds from the tour will go to The Philadelphia Hunger Coalition. Here is where you’ll be able to catch the Asher Roth holiday spirit. Links will take you to websites where where you’ll be able to order tickets:

December 17th: Cincinnati, OH (Lunar)
December 19th… Chicago, IL (Reggie’s)
December 21st… Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Bowl)
December 22nd…Las Vegas, NV (The Harmon Theater)
December 29th… San Francisco, CA (330 Ritch)
December 30th… West Hollywood, CA (Viper Room)
January 5th… Philadelphia, PA (Milkboy)
January 12th… London (Jazz Café)

SOME STUFFS: Def Jam adds another Philly artist to its roster

The Roots became a part of the Def Jam family a few years ago, and now the influential hip-hop label has signed another artist from Philadelphia who has been in demand and heavily discussed online. Will that transfer to good sales for him? The him in question, in case the photo was not a clue, is Asher Roth, who has released a number of projects from “mixtapes” to freebies, and all of this has accumulated to a full deal.

His latest project is Pabst & Jazz Sessions, but he is now in Def Jam mode and will release a brand new album around March 2012.

VIDEO: Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish’s “In The Kitchen”

Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish – In The Kitchen from on Vimeo.

The Asher Roth did not give up his fight to create more music in 2011, and it doesn’t look like he will be resting for awhile with his forthcoming project with Chuck Inglish, called Pabst & Jazz. Have a look, listen, and maybe taste.

VIDEO: Asher Roth featuring Akon’s “Last Man Standing”

Asher Roth, please tell me you’re not hurting for attention. Fricken Akon? Try better, and in the words of Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell:

VIDEO: Asher Roth featuring Quan’s “Summertime”

“Don’t you wish that this was your life?”

With about two months left in the season, that’s enough time to make this new track by Asher Roth a seasonal jam. Like in the song, he’s joined, by Quan as they celebrate the breeze and “blowing trees”, so light up, grab your favorite drink of choice and keep in mind that one day, you’ll be too fat to enjoy the life you wish you had.

(BTW, if you like the song, you can download the track for free by clicking here.)

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth & Nottz featuring David-Andrew “D.A.” Wallach of Chester French’s “Gotta Get Up”


New music from the duo of Asher Roth & Nottz from their forthcoming EP due out on December 27th, and it’s the Rawth EP EP. See, if you use EP in the title and it’s an EP, it’s the Rawth EP EP. Now, they call this a leak but a leak is when something is accidentally passed out without permission. This song is being passed to you WITH permission, so it’s a regular MP3 download, a taste of the Rawth EP EP. Song is called “Gotta Get Up“, and you do.

VIDEO: Nottz featuring Asher Roth & Colin Munroe’s “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)”

Three weeks ago, the MP3 for “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)” was made available (you can download it by going . Now, a music video for this audio presentation has been created. Listen, watch, enjoy. The song will appear on Nottz’s new album, You Need This Music, which will be released on vinyl, CD, and MP3 form next week. You can order your copy through the links below.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Nottz featuring Asher Roth & Colin Munroe’s “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Personally, I could care less about a potential duet between Drake and Trey Songz but I’m down with hearing Asher Roth & Colin Munroe combining their talents with Nottz for this track. As the photo indicates, it sounds like two guys kicking it at the park, shooting the shit and simply offering a nice song without complications. I wish Asher, Colin, and Nottz were my neighbors. Hi, neighbors.

A video has been made for the song (as shown here), so when it surfaces, it will be posted.

Dontcha Wanna Be My Neighbor” (5.65mb)