REVIEW: Aspiga/Among Giants split 7″ EP

 photo AspigaAmong_cover_zps84eaa4eb.jpg A new split 7″ EP between Aspiga and Among Giants has been released by the cleverly named say-10 label, and if you’re a fan of powerful pop-tinged punk, you’ll find some reasons to want to pick this up.

Aspiga’s “Direction” and “Old Hobbies” has the feel of both Social Distortion and Blink 182, both playing aggressively while bringing in vocal harmonies and a verse/chorus/verse formula that they pull off remarkably well. “Old Hobbies” is my preference over the two songs, as the lyrics touch on a relationship that probably has seen better days, and the fact that one doesn’t want to deal with the issues at hand.

Among Giants’ sound at first may come off a bit on the Minneapolis power pop/alterna- rock side of things, but they hail from Orlando, Florida. “In The Jungle” begins with a sweeping guitar melody that might make some feel they’re an Americana band, or a group that might get into something with the feel of +Live+, but about 35 seconds into it, they rip into some fierce playing, showing off what it takes to rock out in a trio. The steady mood of the song remains until about the 75 percent mark, when they boost up the energy and kick the song into overdrive. “I Care About Everyone I Meet” has a nice emo feel to it, as the lyrics touch on things everyone could (or should) relate to. There’s a number of other differences throughout the song, both musically and lyrically, but everything gels together quite nicely in the end.

(You may stream the 7″ by heading to This record has been pressed on both white and Coke-bottle clear vinyl. You have the option to choose which one you want, by ordering at

SOME STUFFS/RECORD CRACK: Among Giants to become big about it in Florida tour this summer, with split 7″ also on the way

 photo AmongZap_old_zpsd1bf3c00.jpg
Normally around this time of the year, I’ll post about bands going out on summer tours or doing the festival circuit, as we are now in festival season. It’s nice to hear about a band who are just concentrating on doing shows throughout a single state. In this case I speak of Among Giants, an Orlando-based trio consisting of Greg Hughes, Zachary Anderson, and Marcus Menendez-Aponte. This punk/pop band have been around for a few years releasing a few albums and singles here and there, including a lathe cut record. For their summer tour, they’re bringing along fellow Orlando residents Zap Dragon & The Attack and rather than get complicated about a special name for the tour, they’re calling it Florida Tour 2013. Fair and simple. If you are in or heading to Florida this July, you’ll be able to check them out, so plan your evenings or vacation time accordingly. There will be a few other bands along the way, some of which are indicated below:

July 4… Winter Park, FL (I4 Fest)
July 5… Sarasota, FL (TBA)
July 6… Saint Petersburg, FL (Fubar) $
July 7… Lakeland, FL (Evolution Records) #
July 8… Gainesville, FL (TBA)
July 9… Tallahassee, FL (TBA)
July 10… Jacksonville, FL (Underbelly) %
July 11… Saint Augustine, FL (Nobbys)
July 12… Orlando, FL (Wills Pub)

$ w/ The Mother Machine
# w/ The Attack, Stubborn Beauty
% w/ Xmas

You may stream and listen to their music through the Bandcamp players below.

Among Giants will also be releasing a split 7″ single with a band out of New Jersey called Aspiga. This will be released in early July by Say-10 Records, and you may pre-order your copy (or copies) directky from Say-10 by clicking here.
 photo AmongGiantsAspiga_PS_zps059dfd0c.jpg