SOME STUFFS: New audiophile vinyl pressing of Yes’ 90125 to be released in late March

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It’s an album that brought Yes into the 1980’s with a sound that split old Yes fans while bringing in an all new audience. Yes90125, named after the American catalog # that Atco gave the album, spawned such hits as “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, “Leave It”, and “It Can Happen”, plus great album cuts like “Hold On” and “Changes”. The album introduced guitarist Trevor Rabin to fans, but many also know the album for its production by Trevor Horn, worked on it by his “production theam” which happened to include Anne Dudley, J.J. Jeczalik, and engineer Gary Langan, a/k/a Art Of Noise.

The album is being remastered by Joe Reagoso and Ron McMaster from the original 1983 master tapes, and will be released on vinyl-only through Friday Music. Even though the original Atco LP can be found at thrift stores and dollar bins, it’s an album that deserves to be heard and reheard again, especially this forthcoming pressing.

The new vinyl remaster of 90125 can be pre-ordered through Acoustic Sounds.