SOME STUFFS: New album from Audacity results in April shows

Audacity photo Audacity_old_zpsrog7lzc4.jpg
April 1st: you mention the day and it immediately brings to mind the potential of a joke but in this case, the guys in Audacity are not joking around when they say yes, they’re coming out with an all new album. Suicide Squeeze Records are not only releasing Hyper Vessels on April 1 but they’re starting a tour on April Fool’s eve as a means to promote the music and get themselves back on the road again. This is where they’ll be. While you’re at the show in Dallas on April 22nd, make sure to also stay around for The Coathangers:

March 30… Fullerton, CA (Continental Room)
April 1… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
April 2… San Francisco, CA (Thee Parkside)
April 3… Reno, NV (The Holland Project)
April 4… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
April 5… Denver, CO (GLOB)
April 6… Omaha, NE (Reverb Lounge)
April 7… Minneapolis, MN (Hexagon)
April 8… Milwaukee, WI (Linnemans Inn)
April 10… Detroit, MI (UFO Factory)
April 11… Columbus, OH (Ace of Cups)
April 12… Cleveland, OH (Now That’s Class)
April 13… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium)
April 14… Brooklyn, NY (Baby’s All Right)
April 15… Philadelphia, PA (Everybody Hits)
April 18… Chattanooga, TN (JJ’s Bohemia)
April 19… Atlanta, GA (529)
April 20… New Orleans, LA (Siberia)
April 21… Houston, TX (Satellite Bar)
April 22… Dallas, TX (Club Dada) @
April 23… Austin, TX (Barracuda)
April 24… El Paso, TX (Monarch)
April 25… Tempe, AZ (Yucca Tap Room)

@ = w/ The Coathangers

As you figure out the tour coordinates, check out a song from Audacity’s new album, this one is called “Umbrellas”.

VIDEO: Audacity’s “Couldn’t Hold A Candle”

The guys in Audacity are getting drunk and high and partially nude in this road adventure of a video they call “Couldn’t Hold A Handle”, and yet they are with help from directors Kaya Yusi and Ada Rajkovic. The band are about to escape their Canadian compounds to tour the United States, beginning this weekend in Reno, check it out and maybe you’ll get a chance to party with them. Or at least rock out.

April 5… Reno, NV (Holland Project) !
April 6… Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge)
April 7… Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge)
April 9… Grinnell, IA (Grinnell College) @
April 10… St. Paul, MN (Turf Club) @
April 11… Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle) @
April 12… Bloomington, IN (The Bishop) @
April 13… Detroit, MI (Lager House) @
April 14… Toronto, ON (Silver Dollar) @
April 15… Montreal, QC (Divan Orange) @
April 16… Boston, MA (Great Scott) @
April 17… Brooklyn, NY (Baby’s All Right) @
April 18… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) @
April 19… Philadelphia ,PA (Kung Fu Necktie) @
April 20… Washington, DC (Comet Ping Pong) @
April 22… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter) @
April 23… Charlotte, NC (Milestone) @
April 24… Knoxville, TN (The Pilot Light) @
April 25… Chattanooga, TN (Sluggos)
April 26… Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Mess Around @ 529)
April 27… New Orleans, LA (Star Bar)
April 28… San Antonio, TX (The Korova) $
April 29… Austin, TX (Hotel Vegas)
April 30… El Paso, TX (Monarch)

! = w/ Weed
@ = w/ The Coathangers
$ = w/ The Rich Hands

VIDEO: Audacity’s “Hole In The Sky”

Playing your electric bass guitar in the back of a station wagon is great, even if it’s meant to be something nostalgic. It’s what the guys in Audacity did, but with the help of modern technology analyzing the past, and does that have anything to do with the song “Hole In The Sky”, and is that hole in the sky a gateway to heaven, as Ozzy Osborne once said? Uncertain at this time, but what’s certain is how damn good this song is, which includes a bridge. A BRIDGE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

The video was directed by Steven Andrew Garcia and the song comes from the band’s latest album, Butter Knife (Suicide Squeeze), released this past Tuesday.

VIDEO: Hunters’ “Narcissist”

ARTIST: Hunters
LABEL: Mom+Pop
ALBUM: Self-titled
LENGTH: 36 minutes
VIDEO: “Narcissist”
SCENARIO: Station wagon. Friends. Action.
AMERICA: Fuck yeah!

TOUR DATES: Available.

October 11… Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio (Release Show) ✂
October 16-20… New York, NY (CMJ)
October 19… Baltimore, MD (U+N Fest)
November 5… Nashville, TN (The Stone Fox)
November 6… Little Rock, AR (White Water Tavern)
November 7… Denton, TX (Rubber Glove Rehearsal Studios)
November 9… Austin, TX (FFF Nites) ^
November 10… Marfa, TX (Padres) ^
November 11… Phoenix, AZ (Trunkspace) ^
November 12… San Diego, CA (VOID) ^
November 13… Fullerton, CA (The Continental Room) ^
November 14… Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace) ^
November 15… San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah) ^
November 17… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios) ^
November 18… Seattle, WA (The Comet) ^
November 19… Vancouver, WA (Electric Owl) ^ *
November 20… Boise, ID (The Crux) ^
November 22… Denver, CO (Lake Lounge) ^
November 23… Omaha, NE (O’ Leavers) ^
November 24… Iowa City, IA (Gabe’s Oasis) ^
November 25… Chicago, IL (The Empty Bottle) ^
November 26… Cleveland, OH (Happy Dog) ^
November 27… Pittsburgh, PA (Smiling Moose) ^
November 29… Philadelphia, PA (Golden Tea House) ^
November 30… New York, NY (Glasslands) ^

✂ w/ Total Slacker, Skimask, Sleepies
^ w/ Audacity
* w/ Nobunny, togetherPANGEA

POST: Complete.

RECORD CRACK: The Coathangers reveal their half of split 7″ with Audacity

 photo Coathangers_PS_zps14f04e06.jpg
A 7″ on Suicide Squeeze Records will be released, bringing together the music of The Coathangers and Audacity, and you’re getting a chance to hear Coathangers’ side before the October 15th release date. Their song is called “Adderall”, and you may have a listen below.

The Coathangers are now on tour, with Guitar Wolf joining them so if you are a faithful devotee, devote yourself to these performances.

September 28… Baltimore, MD (Ottobar) #
September 29… New York, NY (Santos Party House) #
September 30… Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa) #
October 1… Toronto, ON (Hard Luck Bar) #
October 3… St. Paul, MN (Turf Club) #
October 4… Chicago, IL (Subterranean) #
October 5… Lincoln, NE (Knickerbockers) #
October 6… Denver, CO (Marquis Theatre) #
October 8… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey) #
October 9… Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Theatre) #
October 10… Portland, OR (Dante’s) #
October 12… San Francisco, CA (Bottom Of The Hill) #
October 13… Los Angeles, CA (The Satellite) #
October 14… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) #
October 16… Austin, TX (Red 7) #
October 17… Houston, TX (Walter’s) #
October 18… New Orleans, LA (Siberia) #
October 19… Atlanta, GA (Drunken Unicorn) #
October 20… Memphis, TN (Hi-tone) #

# w/ Guitar Wolf

SOME STUFFS: Wax Idols share new song, head on the road this week

Wax Idols photo WaxIdols_old_zps4ab23fe7.jpg
The ladies of Oakland’s Wax Idols will be busy in the next few months, as they prepare to hit audiences with a new album on Slumberland Records called Discipline & Desire. You may listen to one of the songs on it right now, called “When It Happens”.

The band will be on the road when the album is released on March 26th, but you’ll be able to catch them at this year’s SXSW if you’re there, but if not, you have many chances to see them.

March 6… Oakland, CA (New Parish) %
March 7… San Diego, CA (The Void)
March 8… Tempe, AZ (Sail Inn) %*
March 9… El Paso, TX (Lowbrow Palace) *

March 13… Austin, TX (Red 7 – Force Field PR / Stones Throw Showcase (SXSW)
March 13… Austin, TX (The Iron Bear – Slumberland Records Showcase (SXSW)
March 14… Austin, TX (Waterloo Records – SXSWATERLOO (SXSW)
March 14… Austin, TX (Tillery Park – GET BENT (SXSW)
March 15… Austin, TX (Gypsy Lounge – Castleface/CMYR (SXSW)
March 16… Austin, TX (Greenhouse 701 – Castleface/ HOZAC (SXSW)

March 21… Salt Lake City, UT (Richard Street Art Collective) @
March 22… Boise, ID (Treefort Music Fest)
March 30… San Francisco, CA (Brick & Mortar Music Hall (Record Release Show) #@
March 31… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo (Record Release Show / Part Time Punks) #
April 20… Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle) !
April 21… Detroit, MI (PJ’s Lager House) *
April 22… Columbus, OH (Ace of Cups) *
April 24… St. Louis, MO (The Heavy Anchor) *
April 25… Nashville, TN (The Stone Fox) *
April 26… Atlanta, GA (The Earl) *
April 27… Durham, NC (The Pinhook) *
April 30… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) *
May 4… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) *

# = w/ The Mallard
% = w/ White Lung
& = w/ NU, SENSAE, Audacity, and others
@ = w/ Chasms
! = w/ Radar Eyes
*= w/ TV Ghost
@ = w/ Blasted Canyons & Burnt Ones

RECORD CRACK: Audacity to take part in Suicide Squeeze single series

Audacity photo Audacity_old_zps2c42ed9d.jpg
There is a phrase that goes something like “I can’t believe you have the audacity…”, which generally will lead to an argument on how pompous someone is. Maybe the Audacity are indeed pompous, or maybe they save those types of emotions for their music but as of now, this quartet from Fullerton, California are ready to release a new single in April. This one will be a part of Suicide Squeeze Records‘ Singles Club, and it will be published on April 2nd. Here’s a look at the picture sleeve, and a player for you to listen to its A-side:

Audacity photo Audacity_PS_zpse54c80d7.jpg

Audacity will beading to SXSW this month, so jump on the bandwagon early:

March 7… Los Angeles CA (The Echo) $
March 8… Phoenix AZ (Sail Inn (Rampage Festival))
March 10… Denton TX (35 Denton Festival)
March 11… McAllen TX (Galax Z Fair II @ Thirsty Monkey)
March 12… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 13… Austin TX (SXSW – SSR Official Showcase @ Holy Mountain 10pm)
March 14… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 15… Austin TX (SSR/Hardly Art Day Party @ North Door 3pm)
March 16… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 17… Austin TX (SXSW)
March 18… El Paso TX (So Sick Fest)
March 20… Tucson AZ (Topaz Tundra) !
March 21… Las Vegas NV (Double Down Saloon) !
March 22… Santa Ana CA (The Observatory) !
March 23… Oakland CA (Sugar Mountain) !
March 24… Reno NV (Debauchareno – Holland Project) !

$ = w/ Nü Sensae, White Lung, Broncho
! = w/ Nü Sensae

VIDEO: Feeding People “Island Universe”

How are all of you readers feeling?



Okay, most of you aren’t going to get it, but what you can and will get is this wet video by Feeding People, where they speak about an “Island Universe”, a place where one will be able to live forever in peace and love. The video comes off like a very twisted movie from the 1970’s that really goes nowhere, and at the end you’re going “what in the hell did I just watch?” The end result is a song that’ll hook you and become your next earworm. The song is the band’s latest 7″ 45 on Innovative Leisure, which you can purchase directly from the label by clicking here.

In October, the band will be doing a small handful of shows in California with a number of other bands you may be into, so check them out if you can.
October 14… Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Bar ^
October 20… Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory +

^ w/ Onuinu
+ w/ The Growlers, Resonars, Tomorrow’s Tulips, Audacity, Sam Flax