AUDIO: LL Cool J featuring Yung Joey & Jeremy Austin’s “I Can Tell You”

If you have followed this website over the years, you know how much I’m a fan of The Audible Doctor and if yuoua re too, you are going to love this. He has produced a track by the one and only LL Cool J and it’s called “I Can Tell You.” Need further reason to take a listen? The song also features Jeremy Austin and Yung Joey.

FREE MP3 DL: Audible Doctor featuring Davenport Grimes’ “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)”

You may see the graphic and think “ooh ,something I need to get on vinyl” but the mix you are about to listen to isn’t on vinyl. False advertising? I don’t know but I will say what I do know. This is The Audible Doctor and Davenport Grimes can be heard in “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)” because it was made that way. Now you might be asking “why hype up the song with a record?” Don’t ask me, I don’t know. What I do know is that this song/mix is nice and worth downloading, while supplies last. As for the record and to find out what is on it, check out the Bandcamp box below, where you’re able to order it that way or of course digitally.

AUDIO: Audible Doctor’s “Can’t Keep The People Waiting” (EP)

The Audible Doctor released an EP earlier this week and you can have a listen to it in full right here, in the form of Can’t Keep The People Waiting. It’s eight songs of newness featuring the likes of Guilty Simpson, Consequence, Astro, Hassaan Mackey, John Robinson, and Bumpy Knuckles. Listen to it and if it grooves with you, you may buy it via iTunes.

AUDIO: Audible Doctor featuring Guilty Simpson’s “Leave Me Alone”

Sprinkling green, you know, like grains of pot is what Guilty Simpson expresses in the lyrics written for this song by Audible Doctor, and everyone is getting medical as if it’s Colorado weed, but they do it everywhere they go, no matter what anyone says, which is why this song is called “Leave Me Alone”. Chill in your spot and relax.

AUDIO: Audible Doctor featuring Consequence’s “No Future”

Consequence always has a low profile but always seems to have a demand, or at least people remain ready to hear anything and everything he surfaces on. This time, he’s down with Audible Doctor for a song called “No Future”, which may explain a few things but you have to figure out what they’re talking about in the verses. Someone had said there was no future in your fronting, but Consequence has his story to tell.

AUDIO: Fredro Starr featuring MakemPay’s “Holdin’ It Down”

 photo FredroStarr_cover_zps21fd8885.jpg
Fans of Onyx are sure to love this new track by Fredro Starr that was produced by The Audible Doctor. It’s called “Holdin’ It Down”, and with MakemPay holding things down in his territory, this is a song that’s ready made for the summer months and wishing the heat would never leave.

FREE MP3 DL: Koncept featuring Tanya Morgan’s “Space Mountain (Audible Doctor Remix)”

Another prime choice from Koncept that brings in Tanya Morgan, and on top of that, it’s a remix by Audible Doctor of the song “Space Mountain”.

FREE MP3 DL: Audimatic’s “Closer”

Audimatic photo Audimatic_cover_zpsb700bf6c.jpg
Released today is a new project between The Audible Doctor & maticulous, and together they call themselves Audimatic. The song is called “Closer”, and I am hopeful much more will be coming from this collaboration.