VIDEO: A look back at the Sony M-1000 Stereo MicroCassette Recorder

Pre-digital, using microcassette recorders were considered the most optimum way to record lectures and conversations and often times, the quality of the micro-cassettes were not meant to be as good as those used with music recordings. You didn’t need a chrome/Cr02 or Metal tape, it was just normal bias tapes and that was that. The Databits channel on YouTube always does interesting things where they look back at old/dead technologies and this is one of them.

AUDIO: Rah Digga featuring Nitty Scott, MC’s “Never Back Down”

Rah Digga
Despite what the mainstream media and labels want you to believe, female MC’s are still around and doing their own thing. One of the more vocal (figuratively and literally) is the almighty Rah Digga, and she has just dropped a new track produced by M-Phazes called “Never Back Down”, featuring Nitty Scott, MC. This track is beyond hot.