VIDEO: Ruby My Dear’s “Dirt”

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Last year, Ruby My Dear released their debut EP Balloons and made a video for the title track. The EP is coming out with a single and they’ve made a video for it too. This is for the song “Dirt”, so listen to what they call their “avant-pop” and see where they will take you next.

VIDEO: Ruby My Dear’s “Balloons”

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Ruby My Dear released their Balloons EP (their second) last month, and while their press release mentiosn everything from “skilled use of catchy melodies” to “amber-pop sensibilities and unconventional instrumentation of Adult Jazz”, what you want to focus on is just the music. Compliments are of course welcome, but you want to know if it moves you first. If the good words did move you, then watch the video made for the EP’s title track. If you sense “odd meters” and “complex basslines”, then come up with your own salutations too.

AUDIO: Ruby My Dear’s “Balloons”

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What is avant-pop, and how avant- would/could you get? Ruby My Dear are going to check and test their limits to see where they will end up with an EP they’ll release on October 14th called Balloons, and from it is its title track for you to listen. If incorporating their jazz influences is what makes then avant of sorts, then may the strangeness continue.