AUDIO: Valentine Khan’s “In Khan We Trust” (full EP stream)

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In Khan We Trust is the new EP from newly-signed OWSLA artist Valentino Khan, whose work you may know if you’ve been keeping your ears to the pulse of whatever is pulsing these days, I don’t know. What I may not know, you should know very well, you know? Now he has a new set of music to himself, which you may hear in its entirety at this very second. Press play now and be enthused.

FREE MP3 DL: Tessela’s “Gateway (Jurassik More Beats Edit)”

Test your speakers as you can caught up on the bass power of Tessela, whose “Gateway” has been remixed by Jurassik. I can imagine dance floors getting wicked with this playing, DJ’s turning this into a non-stop anthem.

If you’d like to download it, you have to click to the Soundcloud page for details

FREE MP3 DL: TCHPHNX’s “Girls In The Back”

TCHPHNX photo TCHPHNX_cover_zps8d33fdf8.jpg
You would think with a name like Touchphonics, things would be all cool and hunky dory. It is, but it was decided to simply change the way it looks so that people might wonder what it says before they know. Welcome TCHPHNX: it stands for “Touchphonics” buw when you see the name, you’ll know what it means. He has a song he wants to lay on everyone called “Girls In The Back”, but what back does he speaking of? Back of a van, a car, a bus, or their rear ends? Listen for yourself, and if you love bass or booty bass, you’re going to want to stand back and watch the ladies (and perhaps men as well) gyrate until something falls out of their pants, skirts, or whatever they’re wearing (or not wearing).

REVIEW: Manse’s “Lying In Wait”

 photo Manse_cover_zps3fd5c010.jpg A bit of trippy and complex electronica here from Manse, whose album Lying In Wait (Opal Tapes) goes from techno to bass, hard hitting pounders to emulsified warps that you just want to get lost in and never escape. Some of the songs remain one way for durations, then they’ll break into segments that are a bit abstract at times, all before falling into place again. One could say that the abstract portions could lead into its own compositions but what ties them together is the looseness of each song, as if it’s ready to open up but retains its shape from start to finish as you watch its heart pulse. I like the approach here, and I’m ready to hear much more.

SOME STUFFS: New Lea Lea album has been released

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London vocalist Lea Lea has released her debut album om Wah Wah 45’s. This summer, she released tracks for “Apartheid” and “The Road” and now you’re able to hear what she brought to the table, a nice 9-track album that combines the modernity of the electronica and dubstep and the roots of the motherland to create something that should be pleasing to many. You may stream the album in full below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Purple’s “The Club”

Reverb that sounds as if it could last forever is a beautiful thing. Purple understands the deal, and this singer/producer from Portugal is about to show you what it means to rub in “The Club”, complete with pure bass and face. The song will be featured on Purple’s debut album, Salvation, to be released in November.

WARNING: This music video features footage of human buttocks. Blame Pedro Maia for it (as a director, not the buttocks, as they are not his.)

REVIEW: Sorrow’s “Dreamstone”

 photo SorrowD_cover_zps56b11585.jpg Even though all of the music on Sorrow’s Dreamstone (Monotreme) is meant to be danced to, you can also listen to it during a chill out/fapping session and allow yourself to get lost in the bass sensations and rub yourself all over its vibrating soul. While it is stylistically complex at times, with gentle touches of classical clashing in with intense Timbaland-esque R&B and hip-hop, sometimes the best parts of the album is the gentle moments that are going on in the background, or what is less busy. What you hear in the forefront is the energy that drives you to get down, to gyrate, to move quickly and dance the night away, but listen to the segments of the songs that are well arranged in a Charles Stepney or Tom Tom 84 way. Sorrow isn’t just about making simple music, but on the flip side, it’s the simplicity in the complexities that help to give Dreamstone its magic. You could easily fall in love with someone with this in the background, and then do froggy position things during the honeymoon. This is electronic music with a deep (com)passion for pulling the heart strings, and as abstract some of it sounds, it’s pieced together like the tapestry your heart has been searching for before you could comprehend yourself. This is the sound of…yourself.

SOME STUFFS: DJ Shadow returns home to America

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After being taken to Europe and Asia this year, DJ Shadow is coming back to his home country. He begins this week with two shows in Massachusetts before heading to a music festival in Eugene, Oregon before the end of the month. He’ll then return to the Pacific Northwest in mid-September, and you’re able to look over the rest of the dates for yourself:

August 9… Edgartown, MA (Flatbread Company)
August 10… Cambridge, MA (The Sinclair)
August 24… Eugene, OR (Kaleidoscope Music Festival)
September 12… Seattle, WA (Neumos)
September 13… Toronto, ON (The Hoxton)
September 14… SPhiladelphia, PA (tarlight Ballroom)
September 25… St. Louis, MO (2720 Cherokee)
September 26… Englewood, CO (Gothic Theatre)
September 27… Aspen, CO (Belly Up Aspen)
September 28… Boulder, CO (Boulder Theater)

For ticket information and any tour date changes, head to

RECORD CRACK: Dawn Day Night will make you hold your leg up with new 12″

 photo DawnDayNight_cover_zps4056bd83.jpg
Ingredients for your new stew of music: “a non stop 808 low¬≠ end rumble and the stench of chicken bones. That’s what Dawn Day Night is/are calling their/his/her music, where the bass power penetrates almost with double impact, and you may very well meet their request of pulling your legs up and doing splits and weird sensual positions. It’s all part of a 4-song EP called Re-Animations (Astrophonica) and you’re able to pre-order the vinyl right now. You can hear excerpts of the record below, and to order a copy you may go right here. This is the real fun music that has a lot of jiggle power.

SOME STUFFS: Infected Mushroom prepare to coat your ears with “Friends”

 photo InfectMush_cover_zpsbd8be43f.jpg
Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen are back as Infected Mushroom, and these manic Israeli’s are back with a new EP, the second portion of their Friends On Mushroom series. July 2nd is when Dim Mak will be releasing it, with musical help from Pegboard Nerds, Kels, and Savant.

The duo will be completing their American “Fungus Among Us” tour soon before heading to Italy in July and returning to NYC for one more show, before doing some worldly dates:

June 20… Las Vegas, NV (Cosmopolitan)
June 28… George, WA (The Gorge, Paradiso Festival)
June 29… Vancouver, BC (Gossip)
July 5… Albizzate Valley, Italy (AVF)
July 13… New York, NY (Governors Island & Pacha)
July 19-20… Panama, Cuba (Club Isabella)
July 24… Emmaboda, SW (Emmaboda Festival)
July 26… Boom, Belgium (Tomorrowland Festival)
July 27… Stratford Upon Avon, England(Global Gathering UK)
August 6 – Anapa, Russia (Kubana Festival)