VIDEO: Romaro Franceswa’s “The Big Payback”

Heading 200 miles west down the I-90 leads me to the 206, and when I say 206 I speak of the area code of Seattle, which is the home of Romaro Franceswa. What I see is a hip-hop video with nuns, so all my attention is paid on it and the song “The Big Payback”. Oh wait: there’s cocaine in this. Oh wait, now the nuns are head nodding. YES! Seattle’s diversity continues to reveal itself, and Romaro Franceswa understands what it means to become the cream of the crop. Bean One produced this morsel, no cookies involved.

VIDEO: Fleeta Partee’s “DirtyRugz”

Seattle is in the house courtesy of Fleeta Partee, whose “DirtyRugz” video was directed by Notework. The song itself, from his LifeMuzik Deux album, was produced by Bean One. The album also features production contributions from Vitamin D, Lord Sith, C-Note, and Jake One, and what exactly do “dirty rugs” imply? It’s a statement from Fleeta stating that Seattle is very much not Nintento, Starbucks, and Super Bowl rings, but it’s a gritty city with many eyes looking at it, not bad for a city that was primarily ignored by the mainstream 30 years ago. It’s also a nice way to show the continued diversity of Seattle’s hip-hop scene.