VIDEO: Bee vs. Moth’s “Machine Room Reverie”

Breakbeat alert: the introduction to Bee vs. Moth’s “Machine Room Reverie” has an excellent drum break perfect for using so if you want to make a song from it, ask for permission, pay a fee or two and rock it out. Until then, “Machine Room Reverie” is the brand new Bee vs. Moth video that utilizes found footage from old VHS tapes but it’s the song, with a great drum track (played by Sarah Norris() and a funky bass (courtesy Philip Moody), that will be something you’ll want to hear. What’s layered over it? A cello (from special geust Steve Bernal): what? Trust me, it works. The song is from their Shelter In Place album on Aggraveire Music.

SOME STUFFS: Bee vs. Moth heading on the road to support new album

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Bee vs. Moth will be releasing a new album on September 9th courtesy of Aggraveire Music called Shelter In Place, and they will be heading into a number of different shelters when they head on tour beginning mid-September, including a stop at the VIA Festival in Pittsburgh.

September 19… Austin, TX (Spider House Ballroom) ☘
September 26… New Orleans, LA (The Beatnik)
September 27… Atlanta, GA (Eyedrum)
September 28… Chapel Hill, NC (The Cave)
September 29… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s Downtown)
September 30… Hamden, CT (private house concert) ❤
October 1… Boston, MA (TT the Bear’s Place) ☯
October 2… New York, NY (Pianos)
October 3… Pittsburgh, PA (VIA Festival – Thunderbird Cafe)
October 4… Washington, DC (Sonic Circuits Festival)
October 5… Indianapolis, IN (The Melody Inn)
October 6… Tulsa, OK (The Soundpony)

☘ w/ Peter Stopschinski, POON, and Foot Patrol
❤ w/ 11twelve13
☯ w/ Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

For a bit of appropriate music with the tour dates above, you can now listen to a song from the album to come, called “Problems With Crowds”.

REVIEW: Bee vs. Moth’s “Acronyms”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Bee vs. Moth are a quintet out of Austin, Texas that combine a crunchy means of rocking out with intricate instrumental passages and arrangements. In fact they are an instrumental-only band, although they seem to be the kind of band who may surprise people with a vocal/verse or two at any given time. Acronyms (Aggraveire Music) is an album for fans who enjoy a bit of mathematical rock loud and raw but organized, full volume but with a knack for sparsity at unpredictable moments. Go back to the first few Weezer albums and add to that a hint of 65daysofstatic or Pelican, and use instruments normally associated with jazz (saxophones, trumpets, cornet). But take the Sun Ra theory of thinking by using those instruments as percussion. If that sounds unusual or different than what you’re used to, then you’ll eat up songs like “I Listen To Coffee All Day”, “Mexican Noise Soda”, and “Salisbury Steakhouse” (and no, I didn’t use the words “eat up” on purpose to specifically mention songs with food or drink in the titles, I’ll call that a happy accident).

You could tap your feet or fingers to this, but this is about a band who want you to bang your head hard, but without feeling too much like an idiot. Instrumental bands in the last few years have been incorporating a lot of different textures and soundscapes, and Bee vs. Moth are no exception. In their case, just imagine a band who understand volume and power in their music, but hold back from being completely obnoxious. Don’t get me wrong, I love an obnoxious sound, but these guys will take the more delicate moments of songs and play in and around it, sometimes not returning with a blitzkrieg of energy. In the next song, they may take that concept, flip it backwards, and then look at its reflection in water. It’s not boring, and just when you expect for them to take a song to a direction you feel is right, they do you one better.

Go along for the Bee vs. Moth ride and see where you’ll end up.

(Acronyms will be released on September 6th. CD’s and digital downloads can be pre-ordered from