FREE MP3 DL: Kyle Rapps’ “Where We Go”

New music from Kyle Rapps is always welcome, which is why I’m more than happy to share this with you. This is called “Where We Go”, handled by producer Belief, and if you do not end up believing in this, please listen to it again. Then again once more. Unlike the lyric in his own song, this indeed does matter.

SOME STUFFS: Kosha Dillz releases new single today

 photo KoshaDillzHO_cover_zps3d242df5.jpg
You’ve seen the video, and now you can purchase it officially. Brand new from the kosher one is Kosha Hillz, with “Hangin’ Out” making its debut today at various online merchants. You can order yours below by heading to Get your laundromat groove on right now.

REVIEW: Kosha Dillz’s “Beverly Dillz”

free image hosting Say it loud, he’s explicitly Jewish and proud!

In hip-hop that shouldn’t be an issue, but for awhile it seemed that finding a Jewish MC was as difficult as finding Jewish porn stars. Okay, maybe neither is that difficult, but my point is to say that within a hip-hop context, you can create a persona that fits your music. In the past we’ve had rappers who are true to their culture and spirituality while creating music that is very strong about its own sense of community. Spirituality in hip-hop is nothing new, but when you have someone like Kosha Dillz entering the scene flashing the star of David in various places, you’ll want to know what he’s about.

If anything, it’s merely an identity thing, to let potential fans know that yes, he is very much a lyrical Jew in the style of Justin Warfield, but as you’ll hear on Beverly Dillz (LiveNDirect/Shemspeed) he’s very confident in stepping outside of his own comfort zone to create some powerful and smart hip-hop. The one thing he definitely is is this: a fun rapper. Not fun in a smiley Prince Be sort of way, but someone you’ll enjoy listening to for his well-written lyrics and carefully selected humor. He doesn’t make jokes for guffaws, but instead it’s a part of being lyrics, as he shows us in tracks like “Jungle”, “Tasted Good”, and the incredible “Dilly Wonka”. What he describeas as “Bubble Gum Pop” is anything but, so take a listen and see if you can catch what he’s trying to make fun of. “Fat Love” continues in the tradition of creating songs that praise those Rubenesque ladies.

He does all of this over well made beats produced and mixed by Jesse Shatkin (a/k/a Belief, and it’s the kind of beats that should be used by every rapper out there struggling to find good music to rhyme over. Kosha Dillz has skills to pay the you-know-what, and it’s nice to see someone who presents himself in the way he does without resorting to being a novelty, for it could easily be defined that way by those who see the name and photos and go “okay, this is crap”. This guy is serious, and he shows respect in everything he does before showing respect to his spiritual side and upbringing. Take a listen and you’ll find yourself wanting to hunt down his entire discography, only to discover Beverly Dillz is only his second album. It also means you have time to jump on the bandwagon of the Dillz. Hop on when it gets here.

(Beverly Dillz is scheduled for release on November 10th.)