FREE MP3 DL: Betty Moon’s “No Ordinary Love”

Betty Moon photo BettyMoon_old_zps25wdkaug.jpg
Hearing Sade music on a regular basis is always a good thing, but how about a Sade cover? Wait a minute, now how about a good Sade cover? This is how you can describe a cover of “No Ordinary Love” by Betty Moon. This one is available as a free download to get to it now, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: Betty Moon plans on creating “Pantomania” worldwide

Betty Moon photo BettyMoon_old_zpsz6fgpqtf.jpg
She calls herself an alternative rock/pop singer, so say hello to rocker Betty Moon. She recently released her fourth album called Pantomania (Evolver Music), and she is hoping this one will take her to a higher place. Moon is originally from Toronto but relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago. Check out a song from the album called “No Good” and you may end up discovering it is quite good for you.